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Take A Look At What’s Hiding Inside Hong Kong Cage Homes


Take A Look At What’s Hiding Inside Hong Kong Cage Homes

Would you want to live in these retrained conditions?

The population in Hong Kong is extremely huge and that’s why the city continually tends to grow upward. The majority of its population resides in Skyscrapers that are rightly dubbed as Cage Homes.

You must have seen these built buildings in photos, but a little fraction actually knows what’s behind the walls.

We have learned how the populace of Hong Kong lives, it’s best for all who live in spacious and comfortable apartments to appreciate theirs.

The Hong Kong Cage Homes

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An average price of a square meter is estimated at $28,570.And for clarity, it’s actually $3,250 in Moscow. That’s, however, why social inequality is highly noticeable in Hong Kong. A cage house can, on the other hand, contain several kinds of apartments, depending on the occupant’s level of income.

Majorly, there are four different types of apartments in Hong Kong Cage Houses.

The Dorms Are For The Poor People

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Almost 1.5million people (20%) of the Hong Kong Population are living below the poverty line. The dorms in these cages homes are allocated to them and surprisingly still costs $180-200 monthly. Occupants selling things at the markets or washing dishes live in Dorms for years since they can’t afford better living conditions due to their income.

The Communal Flats For The Lower Class People

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Occupants living in the communal flats have a common Kitchen and Toilet as well as about 5 to 6 rooms where a bed and a table can fit in. If you’re fortunate, you can find a space for a closet.  The Communal Flats, however, costs $500 monthly.

The Tiny Apartments For Teenagers

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The Young populace of Hong Kong affords tiny shelters for themselves. With most of the apartments lacking a Kitchen, the flats are often stuffed with smart gadgets, transformable furniture, smart devices, and secret closets.

The Apartments For The Middle-Class People

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The wealthy Hongkongers working successfully rent and even own apartments with kitchens and bathrooms in these cage homes. While each family member living in the middle-class cage homes doesn’t have their own bedroom, Hongkongers uses several tricks, including installing futuristic beds to serve as separate rooms.

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