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Sports Illustrated Unveils Its Finalists For The 2022 ‘Diverse’ Swim Search


Sports Illustrated Unveils Its Finalists For The 2022 ‘Diverse’ Swim Search

Who are you rooting for?

The diversity in the modeling world seems to be improvingly amazing; hence it’s safe to say agencies, including Sports Illustrated, are now 100% woke, altering what society thinks of being beautiful. The magazine recently unveiled its finalists for the 2022 Swim Search, and it included candidates like an ICU Nurse, an astrophysicist, and interestingly a 42-Year-Old breast cancer survivor. 

The 14 finalists are presently competing for a single spot in the Magazine’s next Swimsuit Issue, where they will appear alongside some of the world’s leading models. Sports Illustrated reportedly attested that all the finalists “inspire action throughout their communities,” with fans taking to Twitter to reveal just how impressed they were with the lineup.

@PoGOesotericess had written on Twitter: “The diversity here is AMAZING.” While another critic @ WilkowMajority moaned that the magazine was attempting to be woke. They wrote: “The Swimsuit Issue is 100% woke again this year. Who is the readership of Sports Illustrated? Are regular guys like “bring on the empowering changemakers!” However, we’ve compiled the 14 finalists for your glance. Have a look.

Kelly Crump.

42-Year-Old crump is the oldest of the 14 finalists and a proud breast cancer survivor. In 2019, Cancer had spread to her neck, spine, lung, armpit, and ribs, but the London-born turned her ordeal into inspiration, sharing her story on Instagram. She has since undergone six surgeries and 60 rounds of chemotherapy. 

Victoria Vesce.

Victoria is also a cancer survivor. She had been diagnosed with a brain tumor while in college and lost half of her hearing but managed to beat her bout of cancer after undergoing a life-threatening treatment. Currently, she’s a practicing lawyer in Boca Raton.


Ashley Callingbull

32-Year-Old Callingbull is a Cree First Nations woman from the Enoch Cree Nation in the province of Alberta. She’s delighted by her inclusion in the contest, having found herself shut of previous competitions due to her heritage. She hails from Canada and is the first indigenous woman to be included in Sports Illustrated’s Swim Search.

Ashley Callingbull

Lotta Hinsta.

This blonde beauty is a professional high-altitude climber and an endurance athlete. Born in Finland and raised in Ethiopia, Hinsta lives a free-spirited nomadic lifestyle journeying to mountains that have never been explored before.


Nicole Petrie.

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A post shared by Nicole Petrie (@nicolepetrie)

Despite suffering from Frontal Temporal Degeneration [FTD], Petrie is a full-time caregiver for her mom. She describes herself in her Instagram bio as a model, activist, vegan, and caregiver. However, she’s determined to raise awareness about FTD as she frequently posts about it.

Nicole Petrie

Hannah Godwin.

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27-Year-Old Hannah had previously appeared on Colton Underwood’s Season of The Bachelor. She’s the most famous of the 14 finalists. The Alabama native lives in Los Angeles and is dating entrepreneur Dylan Barbour.

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A post shared by Hannah Godwin (@hannahg11)

Gigi Robinson.

23-Year-Old Robinson is a health advocate who suffers from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome [EDS]. It’s a rare illness that affects the connective tissue in the body. The American content creator has a huge following on TikTok, thanks to sharing clips on EDS to educate her audience.


Sarafina Nance.

Nance has undergone a double mastectomy at age 26 after being diagnosed with the cancer-causing BRCA2 genetic mutation. Living and working in California, the analog astronaut recently completed a Mars astronaut simulation.

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A post shared by Sarafina Nance (@starstrickensf)

Drew Dorsey. 

Dorsey is in the final 14 and has since expressed her happiness on Instagram. The 28-Year-Old Los Angeles-based influencer has a Bachelor’s degree in communications and is now an aspiring entertainment journalist.

Drew Dorsey

Ashley N. Byrd.

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A post shared by Ashley N. Byrd (@ashleynbyrd)

Byrd, who is pursuing modeling full-time, is based in Los Angeles. She often flaunts her incredible physique on California sunny beaches, making her a competitive candidate for the Swim Search. She’s blessed with both beauty and brains holding a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and a Master’s degree in Public Administration.

Michelle F. Steffan.

Michelle, whose age is unknown, was a lawyer before leaving her legal career to pursue modeling full time. She had once told the People that Ashley Graham’s 2016 Swimsuit Cover was eye-opening for her. However, the curvy beauty hails from Argentina. 

Mady Dewey.

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Mady, who co-founded the company Herd Social – a pressure-free photo-sharing platform for Gen women and non-binary people is delighted to be one of Sport’s illustrated finalists. She hails from California and is presently a prominent podcaster and TikToker.

Mady Dewey

Manju Bangalore.

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Manju reportedly has a philanthropic side. The brunette had founded a “menstrual health nonprofit” in 2015, which provided over 200,000 menstrual products to those in need. The California-based dreams of being an astronaut and the physicist had once worked at two NASA Centers.

Manju Bangalore
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Hillory Fields.

Named after Hilary Clinton, Fields currently works as an ICU nurse in Los Angeles. Apart from being a model, the brunette has recently developed an app for fatigued medical staff to review and rate hospitals where they’ve worked.

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