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My Chemical Romance Is Reuniting For The First Time Since 2012


My Chemical Romance Is Reuniting For The First Time Since 2012

They’re back together!

My Chemical Romance promotes skinny jeans, an insane amount of eyeliner and side-swept bangs. They are the patrons of EMO generation. And we all loved to bath in some loud emo songs thanks to them.

But the band broke up in 2013, sending sad news to fans and leaving us only their legacy of songs.

But that’s not the end! The official account of My Chemical Romance announced their reunion for a show!

My Chemical Romance

The show is scheduled on Friday, 20th of December, 2019. That is only one and a half months away. We can finally watch them perform again at Shrine Expo Hall in LA, California.

They haven’t been on a show together since 2012.

Gerard Way GIF - Gerard Way GerardWay GIFs

And that’s why fans are all equally excited for the EMO SEASON. Gotta have to decide the hair color and thickness of eyeliner and black lipstick we’re using for this event.

This is only a reunion show, but boy, aren’t we all hoping this will turn into a worldwide tour.

I'm Okay GIF - ImOkay Okay Ok GIFs

It’s not like the band is officially back together again – it’s just a reunion concert. Honestly, though, we just want them start rocking some new songs that we can pump on our stereo at home now.

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