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‘My Body Is Too Dangerous For Social Media – I’m Naturally Perfect’


‘My Body Is Too Dangerous For Social Media – I’m Naturally Perfect’

“My body is considered a danger on social media.”

Veronika Rajek is confident in herself and has the body that’s the dream of many. But the 26-year-old influencer from Slovak shared that her “naturally perfect” look has been her boon on social media.

She shared with, “My body is considered a danger on social media, and I am constantly being cancelled by trolls for doing absolutely nothing but sharing photos of my body.”

She’s modeled since she was 14 and often sees people commenting on their “jealousy” whenever she posts. She also experiences “body-shaming” a lot.

“These days, you see a lot of overweight or even obese women online, talking about body positivity, but when a beautiful, tall woman wants to be positive in her own skin, people want to attack me and call me privileged,” she continued commenting.

But Veronika is also surrounded by supporters who defend her. The influencer continued, “They are just jealous of my naturally fit body. Some people are even reporting my Instagram account because they are offended by my slim look, and I’m losing out on money and work because of it.”

Rajek says that her posts were meant to “show off” herself and promote “body positivity” and they’re never “controversial” or “X-rated.”

The influencer said, “I don’t understand why my version of body positivity is wrong. I’m a model; aren’t models supposed to be sexy?”

She shares that she’s been discriminated against for being “too beautiful” by people who feel threatened by her looks. And she always felt like she had to prove that she was real and had even got an exam on her breast to prove that her cups haven’t had any procedure done on them.

She continued, “If you’re too beautiful, your body is seen as a threat to society. In reality, I came from a poorer country and had to work hard to be where I am today.”

“I think that people want to punish me for my success, but everything about me is natural.”

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