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Miss England Finalist Became The First To Compete Without Makeup In Pageant’s History


Miss England Finalist Became The First To Compete Without Makeup In Pageant’s History

She focuses on “inner beauty.”

Melisa Raouf knows better than most the importance of looking your best as a candidate for Miss England. Beauty pageants often see women competing with makeup to cover the blemishes and enhance their looks to match their gowns and dresses. But a model’s decision changed history as she walked the runway – for the first in beauty pageant’s history – without makeup.

Finalist of Miss England Melisa Raouf stunned judges and viewers when she appeared with makeup.


The 20 -year-old looked stunning as she walked down the stage, her face bright and clear from the lack of layers of foundation and powders. She let her bare face show clearly under the bright spotlight, her hair slightly curled.

For the first time in 94 years, a contestant did not use any makeup – and she did it as her display of trust in inner beauty.


“It was quite a daunting experience but so amazing to win this year,” shared the inspiring woman.


“It means a lot to me as I feel many girls of different ages wear makeup because they feel pressured to do so.”


“Our flaws make us who we are, and that’s what makes every individual unique.”

The political student from King’s College has received a flood of praise from viewers.

Her stunt at the pageant earned her a number of support from people, especially young ones.

She continued, I’ve had so many girls message me telling how I’ve made them feel more confident in themselves. With mental health being such a big topic, I want to make all girls feel good. I just want to remove all the beauty standards. I feel like all girls are beautiful in their own way.”

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She continued expressing her wish to continue competing without makeup and made use of the pageant as a platform to empower natural beauty.

The 20-year-old is set to compete with forty other women for the final at the Heart of England Conference and Events Centre in Coventry on October 17.


One of the organizers has also expressed her support for Melisa after she, too, was involved in a barefaced top model round in 2019.

It was Angie Beasley who revealed that she was shocked to learn that young adults and teenagers that took part in these competitions would dab thick layers of makeup and fillers. She’s not against the use, as long as it’s to enhance one’s natural beauty, not to cover it as if they’re wearing a mask.

Having done something that really made an impact on such a huge platform, Raouf shared, “I feel like I’ve done it for all girls.”


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