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Jack Nicholson Comes Out Of Hiding For The FIRST Time In 2 Years To Enjoy LA Lakers Game


Jack Nicholson Comes Out Of Hiding For The FIRST Time In 2 Years To Enjoy LA Lakers Game

Nicholson made his second appearance at the LA Lakers game after being seen looking disheveled on his balcony in Beverly Hills just two weeks prior.

The Oscar-winning actor, known for being one of Hollywood’s most reclusive actors, made a rare appearance at an LA Lakers game for the second time in 18 months. At the game, he hugged and exchanged friendly words with LeBron James. Jack Nicholson, 85, looked effortlessly stylish in a black blazer, button-down shirt, black shades, and red pants. 

Since 1970, Nicholson has been a dedicated fan of the Lakers and has been a constant presence on the sidelines for over half a century. He is the most recognizable celebrity fan of the Lakers, often sporting his sunglasses and famous grin while cheering on the team. His passion for the game is undeniable, and he was even known to walk onto the court to express his frustration with an official’s call.

Before the Lakers’ victory over the Grizzlies, LeBron James, the basketball superstar, approached J Nicholson for a hug, and the two icons were seen having a brief conversation, although it was unclear what was being said. 

Seinfeld co-creator Larry David also came over to Nicholson to shake his hand briefly before returning to his seat.

Adele, the powerhouse vocalist, was also in attendance, but it’s unclear if she and Nicholson had a chance to speak. Nicholson was a fervent supporter of the Showtime Lakers during their championship years, and he remained a devoted fan during the Kobe Bryant era, even adjusting his schedule to make sure he didn’t miss any important games. But since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the actor has rarely been spotted at Lakers games in person until recently. 

Notably, Nicholson’s well-groomed appearance at the game contrasted with his disheveled appearance on his balcony a few weeks prior.

Reports had surfaced that his friends were worried about him ending up like his former neighbor and fellow screen legend, Marlon Brando, who passed away alone.

‘He’s made it clear his home is his castle. But people just wish he’d come out of the house and pop up to tell them how or at least reassure folks he’s OK,’ an unnamed friend told Radar Online in January. ‘Jack’s in touch with certain relatives, especially Ray, his protégé, who he’s so proud of, but his socializing days are long gone,’ they added. Nicholson is arguably the most famous unmarried man.

The actor had tied the knot only four years before he made a name for himself in Hollywood. Although his most prominent relationship was with Angelica Houston, they parted ways almost a quarter of a century ago.

Jack Nicholson was last seen in public in October 2021, sitting courtside at a Lakers game with his son Ray, who reportedly remains one of the few people with whom he keeps in contact. The actor’s most recent on-screen appearance was in the 2010 film How Do You Know, co-starring Owen Wilson and Reese Witherspoon. Rumors have circulated for years that Nicholson has retired from acting due to dementia and difficulty remembering his lines. 

While an unnamed friend claimed in January that “his mind is gone,” former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly refuted these reports, calling them “bull” during an episode of his No Spin News broadcast.

‘I visited Jack Nicholson a few months ago. I had a long conversation with him and he followed the No Spin News very closely and had all kinds of intelligent questions for me,’ O’Reilly said. ‘I have been friends with him for decades. He is 85, okay? But he is more intellectually nimble than the president of the United States,’ the former Inside Edition host continued.’ However, despite being a confirmed bachelor, Nicholson has fathered six children with five different women. 

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