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‘I’m 44 And Look Just Like My 21-Year-Old Daughter – Men Think I’m Catfishing Them When I Reveal My Age’


‘I’m 44 And Look Just Like My 21-Year-Old Daughter – Men Think I’m Catfishing Them When I Reveal My Age’

Finding Mr. right hasn’t been smooth sailing.

Joleen Diaz has made the headlines! The 44-Year-Old bore a striking resemblance with her daughter Meilani Parks, 21. More interestingly, the California woman, originally from Guam, goes on a double with her daughter. The lookalike duo, when in public or perhaps when out at the beach or the movies, are mistaken for sisters despite their 23year age gap.

Joleen Diaz, 44, goes on double dates with her 21-Year-Old daughter, Meilani Parks.

The Hot Mom, originally from Guam, has been single since splitting from her ex 14years ago.

Meilani prefers taking advice from her mom at all times – something Joleen loves, and so far, Meilani is well-balanced at dating as her mom’s experiences are helping her out. However, the high-school teacher hasn’t had the best of luck when it comes to finding her soulmate, and her efforts are also being hampered. 

Joleen and Meilani, pictured here together, are regularly mistaken for sisters when out in public.

The high school teacher gets younger men sliding into her DMs regularly, but she isn’t interested.

Joleen’s account has been repeatedly deleted on the dating Hinge because people kept reporting her profile, thinking she’s a catfish. When Meilani was 10, the Hot Mum moved to California following her split from her ex 14years ago. “It’s funny. I think people think I’m a fake account and report me. I could link my Instagram to my profile, which would likely help prove that’s me.”

Joleen is looking for a man her age or older to enjoy life’s simple things with.

She believes that her social media doesn’t present the simple, down-to-earth person she is.

“But I don’t do it because I think my social media doesn’t present the simple, down-to-earth person I am,” Joleen, according to The Sun, said.  At the moment, the gorgeous brunette has over half a million Instagram followers, where she shares sizzling selfies and bikini photos. While younger guys often contact Diaz, she isn’t interested in dating a TOYBOY and has left the millennial men to her daughter.

Joleen [left] is also convinced some men are just ‘curious’ and not that interested in having something meaningful with her.

joleendiaz via Instagram

Any man interested in Jolene must contribute equally, both financially and emotionally.

She added: “Age isn’t a deal-breaker for me. But I don’t wasn’t to date a toyboy. I would never even remotely consider dating someone who is young enough to be friends with my daughter.” And for anyone interested in Joleen, you have to meet her criteria. She gravitates towards ambitious, motivated men, someone who’s confident, has a positive outlook, and communicates effectively.

She’s isn’t interested in dating a toyboy!

joleendiaz via Instagram

So far, the dog lover is pleased her daughter trusts in her advice and feels she’s well-balanced with dating.

Her dream man must also be financially and emotionally capable, including a dog lover – Joleen owns a Golden retriever. On the other hand, to have a youthful look, Joleen revealed she lives a healthy, active lifestyle, rarely drinks alcohol, gets a lot of rest, and eats a balanced healthy diet. She also religiously takes care of her skin and ensures to wash her face in the morning and before bed. 

Jolene also gravitates towards ambitious, motivated men and likes someone who is confident.

Even though Meilani (right) is half Joleen’s age, the pair look strikingly similar and damn beautiful.

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