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Here Are Wondrous ‘Ideal’ Of Beauty For Women In 11 Different Countries


Here Are Wondrous ‘Ideal’ Of Beauty For Women In 11 Different Countries

Some are pretty unusual and even scary!

Some people like petite women while others love tall women. Some love soft, well-behaved and reserved women while others love it when women fight and stand up for themselves and others. No matter what, each of us has our own standard of valuing a good life partner as well as what’s ‘beautiful’ for us.

But it goes without saying that culture has also affected how we tend to look at a potential female partner. Here are 11 interesting different ideals in 11 different countries when it comes to women’s beauty standards compiled by Happyhumanity.

1. Ireland

© RusN / Getty Images

Irish women have thick eyebrows, fair sin, thin lips and sometimes freckles across their nose and cheeks. But the most preferred standard ideal of beauty is the nature of the large forehead, green eyes, red hair and of course, the freckles!

2. Japan


Japanese takes natural looks seriously – women are actually going to dental clinics to work on their teeth to make them look more ‘natural’ even if it means they look more crooked than before. It’s called ‘yaeba’ that looks like fangs.

3. Iran

© Eric Lafforgue / Art in All of Us / Contributor / Getty Images

It might be surprising to know, but the people of Iran have done more nose surgeries more than anywhere in the world. This is because women can only rely on their faces to attract others. That’s why they spend a considerable amount of time on their faces.

Even getting a rhinoplasty and having bandage attached can show your social status as it’s an expensive procedure that means you come from a wealthy family.

4. South Korea

© AlpsRabbit / Getty Images

People of South Korea love women with flawless skin, pointed nose, and large eyes. They pay particular attention to the size and shape of a face, often calling pretty face as ‘small’ and resembling a ‘heart’.

Korean women spend a considerable amount of plastic surgeries to reach this perfect shape.

5. France

© hairyarmpits / Instagram

Meanwhile, in France, people tend to avoid using makeup and perfumes. They focus on maintaining healthy skin and even leave their body parts unshaven.

6. Tajikistan

People consider women with their bushy eyebrows merged in the middle as pretty. They even believe that closer eyebrows mean your husband is close to you. A connected eyebrow is also considered to be a symbol of purity.

Tajik women these days use herbs to grow hair or draw brows to connect them.

7. Saudi Arabia

© Tinpixels / Getty Images

Saudi Arabian women tend to be allowed to show only their eyes, so they pay heavy attention to this part of their appearance. They spend a huge amount of money to care for and buy makeup for their eyes.

8. China

© fancy.yan / Getty Images

Chinese girls used to and still keep their skin from getting dark from the sun as much as possible. Back in the days, the consider girls with dark skin as people of low-class who work in the fields and are poor.

This tendency can be found in many Asian countries, such as South Korea as well. That is why Chinese women can spend a lot of money on skincare and sunblock to keep their skin white and fair.

9. Myanmar

© hadynyah / Getty Images

Women of Kayan in Myanmar wear brass coils around their neck since 5. The first wear 6 rings, which later adds up one by one every year until they get married. Their neck can get stretched up to 40 cms.

But this has proven to be dangerous to the health of the women and the brass coils can never be removed. Due to the stretch, removing the coils can suddenly put pressure on the weak neck bones and muscles, instantly killing them.

Beauty requires sacrifice indeed.

10. New Zealand

© chemc / Getty Images

When a tattoo is a decision people make when they’ve reached enough age, the Maori uses tattoo or ‘ta moko’ to mark women. Maori women tattoo themselves and use black and dark blue paint on their chain. The patterns and drawings have to be very neat and detailed as it spells their social status as well as a beauty measurement.

11. Ethiopia

© Alfred Weidinger / Wikimedia Commons

When a woman of Surma is able to bear a child, their lower 2 front teeth are removed, a piercing is made in the lower lip and a heavy clay or wooden disk is inserted in it. Bigger disks are being inserted from time to time to the size of a full-size plate.

This disk is a way to recognize if a woman has reached maturity and how men choose their partner. They also extend their earlobes with heavy weights until they reach the shoulder because they also consider that as beauty.

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