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Ex-Hyundai Receptionist Buys Lambo After Joining OF But Often Gets Death Threats


Ex-Hyundai Receptionist Buys Lambo After Joining OF But Often Gets Death Threats

No amount of cruel words are bringing Jenny down!

Jenny Davies is now a self-made millionaire, having ditched her garage shifts as a receptionist at Hyundai. Her life remarkably changed after meeting with her now-husband Brad Holmes, with the duo going viral for their prank videos on Facebook. 

The videos earned the couple millions of followers, & Jenny used the found fame to create an OnlyFans page. 

“It happened so quickly I can’t remember, and it was almost a dream. OnlyFans has been extremely profitable, and without giving away figures it has been completely life-changing,” Jenny, who once lived with her Nan & granddad in a tiny council estate home, said. 

The Devon-based, originally from Portsmouth, had, amid the pandemic, splashed out on a green Lamborghini.

She told Daily Star: “It’s not every day you are able to buy a Lamborghini & it doesn’t happen to people who live in council estates who can suddenly take friends and family on holidays they could only dream of. People buy Lamborghinis for show & it’s great for driving around.”

“But the stress it gives you is not worth it. We had to install security cameras because I was paranoid someone would come and steal it.”

Jenny revealed she had the Lamborghini for 7months during COVID and didn’t really go anywhere but the Sainsbury’s. She continued: “It was just sitting there, not doing much. It’s mad that I didn’t, considering my past in the garage. I remember one day working, and someone came in with a Range Rover Sport, and they were swapping it for two Hyundai cars.” 

“I was like, oh my god, this car is the absolute dream. Then all of a sudden, I’m walking into a dealership, and I gave them £90K to buy the Audi R8 and I was like I want to take it today and I just drove off in it. It’s crazy.”

While her lavish lifestyle was made possible by posting fully nude photos and videos on OnlyFans, Jenny has been faced with vicious trolling. Both men and women have been sending her derogatory messages about her career, including death threats. Someone had told her she needed her womb removed so she could never have children. 

 “Another time, a man threatened me & managed to find out the area I lived, which was pretty small at the time.”

“I was fearing for my life which wasn’t great because he was saying he was going to find out where my mum and Nan lived, and it was awful because they basically said they would come to find us and kill us,” Jenny alleged. She’s now better equipped to deal with cruel comments, but they still affect her if she’s having a day. 

When asked why she thinks she’s targeted, Jenny admitted: “I think it’s partly jealously, but people won’t admit that.” 

“If you look at someone who was in a similar position to you and they are being stupid online, getting pranked and doing OnlyFans they think how are they making so much money from that. When I was younger, celebrities used to be singers, actors and footballers but that’s not what it’s like today. It’s normal for normal people to make money for themselves and some just can’t get their heads around that.”  

The brunette concluded that once someone starts making life-changing money, it’s not a thing to give up.

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