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David Hasselhoff’s Daughter Proves That Everyone Has Beach Body As She Stunned Fashion Industry


David Hasselhoff’s Daughter Proves That Everyone Has Beach Body As She Stunned Fashion Industry

Hayley Amber Hasselhoff is such an icon.

David Hasselhoff’s 29-year-old daughter is a fashion icon that changes standards with her achievement. Hayley Amber Hasselhoff is a body-positive advocate who fought at the forefront and used her background and status to their fullest in her endeavors to never change herself for anyone else.

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She loves herself, and through her achievement, she encourages her fans and viewers to follow suit.

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Hayley is the daughter of ‘The Baywatch’ series power couple David Hasselhoff and Pamela Bach. The couple separated and shared two daughters together. It’s easy to be influenced when your mother is a beautiful actress who stays fit even through her 50s.

She told SheKnows, “It’s hard when you look at your mother or you identify not looking like what you think beauty should look like.”

But Hayley embraced herself and starred in “Huge,” which is an ABC series about overweight teenagers.


She later became a presenter for the fashion segment on ITV’s “This Morning” aimed at curvy models.

Hayley is also passionate about singing and released a single with her sister titled ‘Kiss Kiss Me Bang Bang’ in 2011. The family also launched the reality show “The Hasselhoffs” to kick off their band, Bella Vida.

But Hayley’s main career has to be modeling. She was signed with Ford Models at the age of 14. And as her career continues to grow, she’s kept singing as her side hobby.

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Hayley focused on her modeling career and had recently become the first plus-size model that made it to the German ‘Playboy’ cover in 2021.

Hayley shared her thoughts with DailyMail, “In the past, I was cautious about doing a photo shoot like this, but I look at my body now and think, ‘I want to celebrate every moment of it.'”

She remembers having to bring her own set of underwear because they didn’t have anything in her size, however. Hayley recalled, “At the end of the day, I’m so used to it. And it’s sad to say that I’m used to coming onto set and sometimes not having the right pieces because of my size.”

It was but a first for the brand that definitely opened a new door for so many others. Hayley remains optimistic, “To be honest with you, it made me feel more confident and comfortable on the set anyway because I already felt good in these pieces.”

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She’s continued to use her platform for positive things and launched her own podcast on mental health called “Redefine You.”

Hayley has often brought up the topic on her blog and Instagram posts, prompting her to finally start a podcast about it. Today, she’s had multiple experts invited on her platform to talk about subjects that might seem taboo or awkward to discuss outside the space.

Hayley, who’s dating Dominic Farrell, obviously receives a lot of support from her loved ones, particularly her dad.


She spoke of her parents who supported her, “My mom and my dad are just so proud to see how far that I’ve come and how resilient I think that I am.”

Hayley also believes in having sufficient self-love and care to stay healthy and is a brand ambassador for prescription-only weight loss aid. And she couldn’t help but flaunt her curves as she walked down the show in a swimsuit.

She shared it on her Instagram and captioned the post, “We are all always beach body ready. Your body is worthy right here right now to be celebrated without restrictions because of size.”

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