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40 Instagram Vs Reality Pics Show How Unrealistic These Beauty Standards Are


40 Instagram Vs Reality Pics Show How Unrealistic These Beauty Standards Are

Time for some confidence boost!

Nobody looks perfect 24 hours of their life and in fact, a lot of these people don’t even remotely look like their pictures in real life! Filters and edits plague social media and picture-sharing applications to the point that some people can’t imagine sharing unedited pictures of themselves.

A lot of these people don’t even use those things and rely mostly on knowing their best angles and sucking in the stomach. And as everyone knows, nobody walks around with their stomach sucked in all the time. Your body is a lot more normal and beautiful the way it is than you think!

This fitness model’s actual figure is a lot more normal than we think.


This model shows the behind-the-scenes of her Instagram-perfect posts.

Sara Puhto

And she is not shy about it! Sara Puhto encourages her followers to realize that it’s just the power of knowing your angle.

Sara Puhto

This comparison picture proves her impeccable makeup skill.


This woman has always posts side-by-side Instagram vs. Reality posts as a mean to boost her self-confidence.

Sara Puhto

It’s easy to see the pattern of amazing pictures and they’re mostly not how we look in real life.


Either she squished her face in the edited picture or they’re completely people.

This was one of those moments when Khloe Kardashian’s edit got so obvious.


It’s really scary how different someone can look in real life compared to their virtual image.


You are very much allowed to have bellies!

Faking a perfect body can be as simple as sucking your stomach in and arching your back a little.

Sara Puhto

Pictures like this somewhat comforts us in the sense that anyone can look like this if they just know the right way to take selfies.


Nobody walks with their back hanging out that far, she shows that people are just posing for their pictures!


We share the best moments only, but that doesn’t represent everything!


And that pores are very normal, even if you’re Kim Kardashian.


Learning how to pose yourself might just boost your self-confidence in the sense that you don’t need to look like that all the time.

Sara Puhto

Everyone wants to not have a tummy, but the truth is that most have one than not.


A popular Russian model who isn’t shy to make funny posts at the gym.


Knowing your angle, sucking in your stomach, and raising your should to make it look sharper are what happened here.


The meat flabs are simply what they are. Nothing is embarrassing about that.


“Posted VS tagged. She is always making her waist tiny and editing her arms to create a muscular build.”


Some forgot we don’t always look our best or Instagrammable.


It took her three seconds to turn into an alluring woman.


When men say it’s false advertising.


She raises her self-esteem, but at the cost of lying about her looks.


When you’re feeling cute but too lazy to put on a makeup, so you let your phone do it for you.


It would be so much easier to embrace yourself instead of pretending that you’re scarless.


This makeup artist revealed the peer-pressure to airbrush their pictures because every other post always looked “perfect.”


Not even Beyonce is immune to this!

The water was doing everything for her.


You’ll be surprised that we all have this when we sit.


Kim Kardashian wears heavy makeup, but no amount of foundation can cover up the pores.


Instagram models prove the power of using the angle and posing for that perfect snap.


Men also go through the same issues!


People also forgot that filters have gotten so good.


You don’t even need makeup. The app will do all the job for you.


The last touch to a “perfect” makeup is a nice airbrush.


You can suck your stomach hard enough and see for yourself how unrealistic it is.

Sara Puhto

Khloe Kardashian for Calvin Klein really looked so different.


That’s the filter doing the job.


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