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Body Positive Model Shares ‘Deleted’ Pics To Show What She Really Looks Like In Beachwear


Body Positive Model Shares ‘Deleted’ Pics To Show What She Really Looks Like In Beachwear

“It’s not real life ladies, stop comparing yourself!”

Influencer Georgie Clarke is for the body positivity movement. And to bolster this, the brunette beauty recently left her 697,000 Instagram followers amazed after sharing her deleted photos to show what she really looks like in beachwear. 

In one of her posts, Georgie was seen relaxing in a purple knitted cover-up as she posed side-on in the garment. 

via Instagram/georgie.clarke

Her position allowed her audience to see that her tummy wasn’t totally flat, and it equally meant her skin dimples were on the show. Georgie then compared the photo with a posed snap, where her cleavage appeared perky, and her stomach was svelte. She had captioned it: “Posted Vs. Deleted.”

Georgie then asked: “Do you ever get put off buying a beachwear because you know you won’t look the same as the Instagram model wearing it?”

“Well guess what…. the model doesn’t even look like that in real life. It’s a clever pose, adjusted angle, strategic lighting, tensed body that’s then been enhanced and airbrushed. It’s not real life ladies, stop comparing yourself! Everything we’ve been taught and conditioned to hate about ourselves is actually completely normal! Cellulite, dimples, scars, stretch marks…rolls, you name it, everyone has these things!”

She explained we just don’t see it on Instagram because influencers and celebrities are under constant pressure to edit normal things out to protect themselves from nasty comments from trolls. 

via Instagram/georgie.clarke

Georgie finds it especially prevalent in the media, where articles surrounding celebrity gossip portray normal bodies and skin as negative“It’s a constant cycle of being told we should feel negative about our bodies when in reality we are all normal. So stop comparing yourself, buy the bikini, and rock it, I say! You deserve to feel good about yourself.” 

In another post, Georgie showed how influencers sit vs. normal sitting as she rocks white bikini wear.

via Instagram/georgie.clarke

Equally, she exposed a sharp difference in facing shade and facing sunlight when taking a photo for Instagram.

via Instagram/georgie.clarke

Under the comment of her newest post, fans applauded the model for her honesty as one person wrote: “We need more of this type content on the ‘Gram. You are beautiful – thank you.” Another said: “I love posts like this and it’s thanks to people such as yourself that I now online shop differently and always see how clothes and models are manipulated to look a certain way.”

A third attested: “You are beautiful. Full Stop.”

Earlier, Georgie had exposed the tricks other influencers use to appear gorgeous in photos. In an image with an overlaid text 6:00 p.m., she sucks in her stomach, finds a flattering angle, and poses in good lighting while rocking a blue gym wear set. In the image on the right, taken at 6:01 p.m., Georgie relaxed utterly to show the real her. 

In the caption, she wrote: “This comparison is to show you that someone who understands modeling will be able to create an image on the left but in reality and when relaxed is the image on the right.”

via Instagram/georgie.clarke

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