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Best Of Celebs’ Unretouched Photo Shoots Who Lay It All Bare


Best Of Celebs’ Unretouched Photo Shoots Who Lay It All Bare

No airbrushing!

For years, women have been led to believe that certain parts of their bodies are unsightly. They are not to show them to anyone and must work hard to conceal those parts of them, even if medical experts tell them that it’s normal.

That is why we love celebrities and influencers lay it all bare for the world to see. Close-up images that reveal skin pores, rolls of fat on the tummy, a mother’s stretch marks, and a healthy person’s cellulite – none of these should’ve bothered anyone.

Model Edie-Rose for ASOS.

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ASOS has been the favorite of many people who love watching people being beautiful without airbrushing. The freckles and skin pores are not hidden for aesthetic purposes.

Zoë Kravitz for Harper’s Bazaar

Freckles, beauty marks, skin pores – three things that people try to cover all the time, creating a race among filtering/editing apps in showing who conceals them the best. Zoë Kravitz was among those “scared” to show her flaws, but she did not falter.

The picture definitely hurt the sales with those apps as her 2018 Harper’s Bazaar cover photoshoot was raw and beautiful in the most natural sense.

Chloe Moretz, bare skin for SK-II.


Nothing more convincing than showing your models to promote your skincare product bare-skinned – no makeup, no airbrushing, just her and great lighting. A lineup of other celebrities such as Chun Xia and Kasumi Arimura also took part.

KKW Fragrance


The Kardashian family has a long, notorious history of being among the first that set up insane beauty standards for other women. But Kim Kardashian went Photoshop-free for her 2018 KKW Fragrance campaign.

Jameela Jamil for Arcadia magazine.

“I like all the big stretch marks,” Jameela Jamil wrote in her post, sharing a picture from a photoshoot session with Arcadia magazine. ” Embrace thin stretch marks. They are nothing to be ashamed of or cover up or edit out.”

She did not forget to add the tag #SayNotoAirBrushing.

Aly Raisman and Iskra Lawrence for Aerie.

Raisman and Lawrence were among many celebrities who made an appearance for Aerie’s unedited photo shoots. It is a brand well-known for never airbrushing its models in the pictures. It’s really about being happy and feeling beautiful in your own skin, not an edited picture of yourself.

Model Ashley Graham for ‘Swimsuit for All.’

Raw, unedited paparazzi shots are oven brutal in exposing celebrities without the power of Photoshop or filters to conceal their flaws. But Ashley Graham made use of her own paparazzi shots, without edits, to promote her swimsuit designs for ‘Swimsuit for All.’ And she nailed them all!

She told her followers, “Reminder: being authentic is beautiful.”

CVS Beauty Unaltered.

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CVS Beauty is another brand sensitive about not trying to conceal the obvious. Smiling is going to give you wrinkles around the eyes and cheeks. Since 2018, the brand has voiced its determination to keep its models away from editing tools.

Urban Decay

Urban Decay also made the effort of showing their models’ close-ups without airbrushing. While promoting their Born to Run eyeshadow palette in 2018, their models and customers’ reviews were shown without unnecessary edits. Look, normal skin!

Madison Reed

Unaltered images Madison Reed used in 2018 were more of a happy accident. It became a fantastic start for the brands to stop using edited pictures as they had models of all ages and background work with them. The CMO, Heidi Dorosin, stated, “In our content, we celebrate women doing great things, not women looking a certain way.”



“This is what girl power is all about! And every woman has imperfections,” wrote an excited customer who saw the stretch marks on a photoshoot from BooHoo was not edited out. “It shouldn’t be photoshopped away to give unrealistic expectations! It’s what makes us who we are! Its reality.”

BooHoo was pretty low-key about it, but people were still excited to see how images like this were naturally just blending in. It feels like that’s just how women are: stretch marks aren’t things to be frowned upon.

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