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21 People Who’ve Changed Drastically So Others Can’t Recognize Them


21 People Who’ve Changed Drastically So Others Can’t Recognize Them

The glow-up, the weight loss and the muscles!

We can all agree that it’s not easy to change who we are and how we look like. Putting ourselves on the surgery table seems like the most probable option, but in reality, it’s an extreme choice. And not one that comes without risks.

Remember that early year’s resolution you made? Well, these people turned those resolutions into realities. And we know it’s more than just hitting the gym twice a week. They made changes, choices and put effort in what they do. Green Lemon wants more people to be inspired to change for the better and let these help you feel motivated about yourself!

1. 124 lbs later.

© dumbbitch64 / Reddit

2. Another gorgeous girl shining even more after 136 lbs gone.

© samibug28 / Reddit

3. 7 years later, he looks so different.

© Unknown / Imgur

4. When he was 15 and then 19 in the Marine Corps.

© yuerrrrrt / Reddit

5. She lost 80 lbs and she looks amazing.

© brkpwl / Reddit

6. Proper use of SPF 50 in less than a year.

© PastaGorgonzola / Reddit

7. 19-year-old boy lost 121 lbs. Next Prom King?

© MoortothHondocksoup / Reddit

8. Same chair, 317 lbs and 3 years later. Waiting for extra skin removal surgery.

© dusty_lost_300lbs / Reddit

9. He was 18, hit the gym, and now 20.

© Hamzokxx / Reddit

10. Heaviest ever, but happiest ever.

© blondedkitty / Reddit

11. Her in duct tape dress at 16. She cut down 100 pounds and is now 21.

© Astyyria / Reddit

12. She’s always thought she had a round face.

© nobibino / Reddit

13. He gained weight and worked out!

© DaggeDaggmask / Imgur

14. Even her family members couldn’t recognize this beauty.

© asionahaya / Reddit

15. Those were his.

© Turkinolith / Imgur

16. 10-year-old bootleg Hanson brother got orthodontics care, hair dye, and personal styling. Mom didn’t get the memo that she was a girl.

© kate_irl / Reddit

17. She lost half of her weight, had bracers and is now looking perfect.

© alexhhhhhhh / Reddit

18. Glow-up!

© hugegrape / Reddit

19. Three months and 33 lbs difference. She has 40 lbs to go!

© bluebrainbethany / Reddit

20. He had depression at 23. He is happy at 27.

© Strupnick / Reddit

21. “Can’t believe that girl even agreed to look at me.”

© Hamzokxx / Reddit

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