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Woman Shared A Smart Way To Fight Back At People Who Make Mortifying Jokes

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Woman Shared A Smart Way To Fight Back At People Who Make Mortifying Jokes

How do you fight back with people that disrespect you?

Every woman, at one point or another, might have heard something nasty and offensive about themselves from individuals they know, bosses, colleagues and even from some frustrating people on the street. The scenario can really be annoying as well as can spoil one’s mood for days and weeks.

This is, however, why Heather Thompson Day, a teacher and a writer from Denver has shared her experience online and importantly, on how to fight back with people who find it comforting to make jokes with sexual undertones.

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Happyhumanity was surprised by this simple yet effective method to make a person that tries to make insulting jokes feel ashamed. You can also find this smart method very useful as well.

Sharing this lifehack on Twitter, Ms. Thompson’s problem appeared similar to many online user experiences and has garnered over 130,000 shares and 550,000 likes.

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She revealed that her father had taught her the life hack: ‘My dad just told me, never smile for they will mistake your laughter as compliance. Pretend you didn’t get it and watch them explain to you why you should be laughing. I have since then used this advice, my whole life.’

Commenting, some girls revealed they were astonished by the concept and also shared their own experiences about how they fought back against inappropriate comments.

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On the other hand, one particular user thought what Ms. Thompson did was wrong, saying she shouldn’t have reacted in a negative way. Expectedly, another user gave her a good response.

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