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Vets Perform Successful Surgery On A Giant Pet Cockroach


Vets Perform Successful Surgery On A Giant Pet Cockroach

We wish Archimandrita Cockroach the best of health!

No patient is too small and every life is precious for the Russian Veterinarians who successfully performed surgery on a cockroach. Truth to said – the insects to many are found disgusting, and to a few, it’s a favorite pet.

Well, the saved Archimandrita Cockroach originates in the South American Jungle. It found care and unconditional love in the cold city of Krasnoyarsk in Siberia.

Just when the female roach suffered severe health problems, its owner didn’t, however, give up nor abandon her. Instead, the owner rushed to the vet clinic despite knowing how cheap it is to get a new roach.

Surprisingly, local animal doctors, who haven’t dealt with such a tiny patient before (a grown Archimandrita reaching around 8 centimeters) attended to the female roach committedly.

The roach’s pregnancy suffered complications, having failed to retract the cocoon in which her baby develops inside her body. Remaining outside for a long period of time, the roach placed her body at a dangerous risk of infection.

Nevertheless, the anima doctors operated on the roach using three painkillers to get her stable – gas anesthesia, a local anesthetic, and internal drug. After this, the doctors removed the egg pouch from the Cocoon.

Good News: The roach was healed and could henceforth retract the pouch back inside.

‘We wish the best of health to the beauty.’ the Vet Clinic wrote via their social media page.

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