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Vet-Turned Playboy Cover Model Has Traveled To 40 Countries With Her Boyfriend


Vet-Turned Playboy Cover Model Has Traveled To 40 Countries With Her Boyfriend

Army vets to digital nomads.

Kelsey Frances’ life has never been one that settles in one place. While she’s based in Mexico, it’d be easier to find her at the airport, waiting for her next flight to her next destination with her boyfriend, Thomas Smery.

The two have traveled to 40 countries on four different continents so far.

She often documents her travel journey with her boyfriend, sharing a ton of romantic snaps at their destinations.

But who would’ve known that Kelsey also used to be in the army?!

Both of them used to serve and Kelsey shared that she was a combat soldier for the Israeli Defense Forces.

Kelsey also attended a university in Austria, Vienna for a degree in International Business.

She also modeled as a Playboy Playmate for Playboy Australia back in April 2020.

She is also a fitness and nutrition coach who often shares tips and vegan recipes on her blog.

Throughout her traveling, she often takes her dog, Oskar, along with her on the trips.

For Kelsey, she wouldn’t trade any of these moments for her life, but when asked about her times when she served in the army, the hodophile misses them, too.

She shared, “I will always be proud to have served because it was the most life-changing experience that made me who I am today and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

“There are days when I wish I could go back in time and eat dirt all day in the desert again. I miss my army fam.”

Her Instagram platform now has over 344k followers with many people gushing over her relationship goals and amazing destinations.

The couple has moved to Mexico and resides with five rescue dogs, including Oskar.

The couple has been to the top of Camino de Santiago in Spain, Portland in Oregon, to San José, Costa Rica.

They’re getting ready for their next destination and can you guess where it is?!

Kelsey’s family wished you a very Merry Christmas from Mexico!

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