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This Chinese Doctor is The Real-Life Chun-Li


This Chinese Doctor is The Real-Life Chun-Li

Her grueling workout earned her both crowds of fans and a toned physique!

Over the years, most girls have tried to look like Chun Li, but as seen, Yuan Herong shares the most striking resemblance to the iconic character from the Street Fighter video game franchise. Yuan, 30, is a 30-Year-Old Chinese doctor who has since been fascinated by the Street Fighter Character. She’s equally a professional bodybuilder, model, and actor.

Yuan Herong, a Chinese medicine doctor, stunned millions after showing off her enviable ripped physique.

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The bodybuilder from China’s Qingdao has always dreamt of being a Kung Fu fighter.

Yuan recently went viral after sharing photos and videos of her amazingly toned body, looking precisely like Chun Li. According to her Instagram, Yaun, who has an enviable ripped physique, sculpted abs, muscular arms, and thighs the size of tree trunks, visits the gym five times a week.

She particularly began gym training after meeting a professional bodybuilder Zhang Wei.

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With a goal in mind, Yaun ensures she hits the gym five times a week.

You’ll agree her hard work has ultimately paid off, as she has earned an unbelievably ripped physique. Working as a doctor in Qingdao in Eastern China, in the Shandong Province, Yuan, in particular, started taking up bodybuilding after meeting with professional Chinese bodybuilder Zhang Wei. 

Yuan, who works at a clinic in Eastern China’s Shandong Province, now competes nationally.

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Plans: Yuan wants to learn martial arts through a Kung Fu master.

Undeniably, Yaun has excellent genetics and had come second in the women’s class competition in a national championship held by the Chinese Bodybuilding Association in October. Yaun is passionately pursuing a career in acting and modeling. 

Yuan displayed her muscles in a national competition held last month in Qingdao.

And interestingly, she won second place in the competition.

And via her social media accounts, the bodybuilder highlights her training sessions, shows her routines weightlifting, and many more. However, Yaun isn’t given up on her dream of becoming a Kung Fu Fighter, and speaking of the future, she reportedly plans to hire a master and learn martial arts. 

Yuan doesn’t intend to give up her dream of becoming a Kung Fu fighter!

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