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This Ballet Dancer Sets New World Records With Her Amazing Acroballet Skills


This Ballet Dancer Sets New World Records With Her Amazing Acroballet Skills

How could toes withstand that?!

American ballerina Ashlee Rose Montague is a 5-year Guinness World Record holder with a long track record of many other achievements. Many of you may have seen her perform on many occasions, including America’s Got Talent and the Live show of ‘The Greatest Showman.’

She often performs with Richard Hankes and made her record on September 27, 2016.

Ashlee is also dubbed as the extreme ballerina. Her record on Guinness is 4 min 2.75 sec for balancing on pointe on the shoulders since the year 2016. But it’s almost impossible to think of Ashlee as the performer without her husband, Richard.

Ashlee met her husband at the Rock School for Dance Education back in 2007 in Philadelphia. The duo has been performing together ever since, with one of their biggest stages early stage on America’s Got Talent Season 9 in 2014. They were unfortunately disqualified before the Quarterfinals.

Ashlee and Richard tied the knot in 2017 and are both Cirque du Soleil alumna.

The two specialize in acrobatic ballet, adagio, hand-to-hand, aerial, and bottle walking acts. The acrobat dancer is known for her extreme posing and photoshoot session, which sees her dangling off the subway handrails and balancing on-road cones.

She often attracts the crowd’s attention with her acrobatic moves.

She and Richard are now based in New York City and often work with their photographer, Jordan Matter, who documents her intense photoshoot sessions.

They also made an appearance in Prime’s “Mozart in the Jungle.”

Below is one of her balancing feats on a bottle of Ryan Reynold’s Aviation Gin.

She’s also gone viral with her incredible balancing acts on bottles such as the one below.

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