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The Right One Won’t Be Bothered With Your Flaws, Weirdness And Your Overthinking Mind


The Right One Won’t Be Bothered With Your Flaws, Weirdness And Your Overthinking Mind

Love is not bothered by these things.

Depression, anxiety, overthinking, quirkiness, nagging.

Men are the type of people who usually shun those things that cannot be explained logically, such the opposite kind of creature to women. Women are often emotionally invested and influenced in many things.

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Being weird and quirky is something that both men and women suffer from. We’re also living in a world where people are more brazen and outspoken – unfortunately, it also includes voicing their subjective opinions that can lead to us overthinking things.

‘Hideaway, they say, no one will love you as you are,’ as Keala Seattle sings.

But as the song continues, that statement is wrong. The right person will not be bothered by everything about you. The right person will not try to tell you to change the core of who you are – they will love you because of who you are.

They will embrace your weaknesses and help you build confidence even with your insecurities. But they also know when to let you hide under the blanket, not for long though.

If your anxiety is putting you under the weather, they want to make you feel better. If you’re overthinking things that it starts bothering with your life and work, they help you to trust in yourself more. They give you mental support and when they can’t, they will be there to listen forever.

They’ll jokingly give you judging looks, knowing you’re so lovable thanks to that. They know they signed up for a girl who loves adventure and is ready to plan for the next journey. They know you’re the most precious girl who can’t stop coding on the computer and gets exciting at the newest episode of that anime.

Fights break out. Arguments are said.

But love, above all else, will help both of you compromise and talk it out. Whether it’s over a romantic candlelight dinner or after a passionate kiss.

It’s intense, it’s filled with fleeting moments of fear that this won’t last. But reassurances make you feel stupid for being scared because this was also the same person who did not care about your weird way of being so in love with insects or witty sarcasm at everything.

The right person will make you feel right, loved and prioritize your happiness above all else.

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