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Teen Organizes Prom for Students with Down’s Syndrome and Other Special Needs’ Kids Left Out


Teen Organizes Prom for Students with Down’s Syndrome and Other Special Needs’ Kids Left Out

Prom nights are supposed to be filled with fun and great memories, at least for those who have dates and don’t feel socially awkward. But sadly, that’s not always the case.

One teenager from Texas was considerate enough and now wants to change the trend. Kennedy Bentle, 18, had just attended her own end of year prom but wants to organize the next one, for students with special needs.

Although prom season is wrapping up for most American schools, the youngster wants the next one to be specifically for kids with downs syndrome and other special needs.

Bentley understood the financial constraints most families are facing and decided to start off the event while sourcing for funds on her own. Luckily, the special event has received so much support from the community and local businesses who have agreed to offer their services for free.

 ‘Their parents are already paying for medical needs and other classes they have to get through and don’t have the financial capacity to get kids to proms.’

‘I started to think about how we spend so much money — some kids spend almost $1,000 (£784)— and how not everybody has the opportunity to do that,’ Bentley, said.

Bentley, who is a senior at Richardson High School said that she realized that many disabled children have ongoing medical costs that have placed a huge financial  burden on their burden.

She, therefore, thought of a way of creating a one-night event where the kids enjoy each other’s company without having to worry about anything just like any regular high school senior.

While Kennedy was social and often connected with people with down syndrome at her local church, she couldn’t help but notice how some of the students at her school struggled to make friends.

This got her wondering if a social event like prom might be socially alienating for disabled individuals who might be unable to navigate through the venue and rituals.

‘People think it’s not their problem — that person is someone else’s problem. They don’t want to stop and take the chance to help that person,’ she added.

Her quick thinking got her involved in the Interact Club, the youth branch of Rotary International. She worked with the organization to raise funds for the noble project.

While Kennedy tried her level best to sort out everything in time for this year’s prom, everything didn’t fall in place.

She, therefore, plans to hold it next year and has already found a venue hosting the prom at a discounted rate.

The sweet community effort has been supported by various volunteers like Dallas entertainer DJ Mike; clothing store Terry Costa which will provide the dresses and International Suit Wearhouse that has offered to dress the boys.

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