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Relationship Expert Shares Five Tips For Women In Bed, And People Have Mixed Opinions


Relationship Expert Shares Five Tips For Women In Bed, And People Have Mixed Opinions

Some think husbands should have more tacts.

Communication is really important. Intimacy with your precious partner cannot be achieved if both of you can’t convey what both of you enjoy. Relationship expert Teresa L Young shares five tips for women to improve their sex life, but it’s been met with divided opinions from both men and women.

She shares communication tips on the bed to make sure that both of you can enjoy the best out of it.

She lists down five things women can do and say to let their man know they love it. First is to “say YES more often,” then to “move your body with his and convey that you are enjoying it.”

She adds that women can “let loose a little and make some bedroom noise.”

“Ask for it more often and make it a priority to initiate,” on her fourth point. And lastly, but not the least, to “be straightforward and tell him you like it.”

But her 5 tips were met with clashing opinions from men and women.

Most men agreed with her tips, with one commenting, “If only there were more like her… Thank you.”

Another pessimistically replied, “Most of us are happy you just showed up… Lol” added by another who wrote, “Your odds are better at winning the lottery than her doing all that.”

One husband commented, “Thank you, but wish she knew this earlier in our 31-year-marriage; headed for divorce now.”

But on the opposite side of the argument, one man wrote, “You don’t have to ‘try’ to let him know you enjoy it. We know when a woman is into it or not. At least the smart ones do.”

A woman added, “Maybe she has a husband who does his part. Also, hugs, etc., outside bedroom. Husbands set the way they get treated.”

What do you think? Are her tips legit or nah?


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