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Producer Tried Hiring Backup Dancer By Paying With ‘Exposure’, Gets Some Himself


Producer Tried Hiring Backup Dancer By Paying With ‘Exposure’, Gets Some Himself

Stop it, people.

One should always be paid for their work unless that man willingly offers himself for free labor or resources. You know, warm clothing for the homeless and mental support by spending time to listen to widows with children. If not, you have all the rights in the world to demand payment for your work.

No, digital artists do not let their tablet do all the work. Being a photographer isn’t also all about expensive equipment. All these people spent time, money and energy in doing their best, providing something that no other people in the same field can.

But, watch this producer texting a potential backup dancer with an offer of ‘exposure’ bucks. Let’s see what does meeting some people do to you… Nothing. Does it pay the bill? No. Guarantee you more jobs? No. You’ll be better off doing part-time and spend the rest working on what you love than this.

‘Sup. I have a job and I will pay with exposure.’

People seem to have a wrong understanding of freelancers. Freelancers are not free-workers. They work and get paid for it based on their performance or per agreement. But unfortunately, so many people, in search of ways to find someone willing to use their service, fall to the trap.

Yes, exposure and getting your work seen by people who might find you suitable is necessary, no question asked. But it should also be your principle to always get paid for it, even if it isn’t much. Your creative work is precious and your talent is valuable.

Value yourself and make use of the free social media platforms that exist today. Let others value you and you won’t have to work for others for free.

People are so entertained and loved the exchanges.

Do you know how expensive art tools are? Whether it’s digital or manual, they cost very high and the job never requires the person who hires to guarantee anything about the artist. Do you know that dancers have to train everyday to maintain their skills? Do you know that photographers have to spend hours standing and aiming for good moments, editing them for hours onward and then printing them on high-quality papers for you?

Do you know that any job that requires hours of works, whether that’s someone’s hobby or not, should always be appreciated and PAID for?

Let’s wake these people up that any kind of commissions and requests paid with exposures will never be appreciated.

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