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Pics Show Skillful Hauliers Carrying Huge Wind Turbine Blade Through Small Towns


Pics Show Skillful Hauliers Carrying Huge Wind Turbine Blade Through Small Towns

A feat that you don’t see every day or even year!

driver with imagination and impeccable skills to steer a huge truck on a narrow road is hard to find. Most of the time, people want to work within the safest zone to prevent damage because safety is a priority.

This team of hauliers is seen carrying a 220-ft long turbine through the narrow streets of a small town.

P. Adams Schwertransporte

It’s easy to mistake wind turbines as smaller than they actually are because of the aerial pictures we often see. But in reality, it is enormous, a size related to how much energy they could generate.


Luxembourg-based P. Adams Schwertentransporte is transporting this particular 25-ton blade to its destination. Because of the size, the company had to ensure that they attempted routes without obstructing cable lines. It may mean driving through the winding streets of villages and small towns, but they did.

Locals had to spend some time without power while the turbine passed, but no harm was done.

P. Adams Schwertransporte

Turbines are produced in manufacturing plants. But the wind turbines themselves require to be erected in open areas. This makes it necessary for the turbine blades to be delivered at long distances. The longest blade to have been transported was a 290-feet turbine-driven across Denmark in 2016.

Showing off its achievement, the company shared its accomplishment on LinkedIn with the caption, “Finishing the year with a set of 67m rotor blades on a challenging route.”

P. Adams Schwertransporte

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