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Pics Of Celebs Shows How They Looked Before Face Tattoos


Pics Of Celebs Shows How They Looked Before Face Tattoos

You might get inspired to get one yourself.

Face tattoo never had a wide acceptance as it has now. There was a time it was considered taboo and was even banned if aiming for a good-paying job. But as it appears, the time has changed, and indeed, the art of getting inked has equally evolved. More people are beginning to view getting tattoos as part of body beautification, and for the face designs, they might be small, but they’re gradually holding high standards. 

One of the numerous bold decisions anyone can make is getting a permanent tattoo etched across a face. And so far, celebrities like Post Malone and even Mike Tyson have taken up the challenge. A-listers rocking tattoos is nothing news, but those with facial ink remain rare. As a result, we’ve compiled a list of the few who are displaying theirs everywhere they go. Have a look, and possibly you might get inspired.

Post Malone. 

Musician Post Malone has his face covered in tattoos. He’s one of the most recognizable artists globally, thanks to his exceptional style. He had told GQ that his extreme body modifications come from a place of insecurity because he never liked his appearance. He has the word ‘Always Tired’ inked into his cheeks and the word “Stay Away’ above his right eyebrow as a tribute to a Nirvana song. 

Similarly, Post Malone has barbed wire on his forehead and a sword on the side of his face beside a medieval gauntlet and flail. However, Rapper Snoop Dogg had once shared a Flashback Friday picture of the musician on Instagram. Post Malone stood with Snoop in it, and as seen, he had no face tattoos and looked so different. It turned out the singer had even splashed $1.6M having two diamonds fitted to his bling teeth.

Aaron Carter. 

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Aaron left his fans baffled when he shared his tattoo along with a caption that read: “I’m the biggest thing in music right now. I can’t be denied. Face check me.” The tattoo bizarrely showed Rihanna as the Greek Monster Medusa from a photoshoot she did GQ in 2013. Under his eye, the ex-child star had the word ‘love’ written and the name of his partner ‘Melanie’ above his eyebrow. 

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The singer initially became famous as a fresh-faced blonde pop star in the 90s. He was the younger brother to Backstreet Boy performer Nick Carter. When compared to the numerous tattoos now across his body, it’s pretty safe to say Aaron is now unrecognizable from when he first the TV screens.

Amanda Bynes. 

In December 2019, Amanda unveiled a tattoo of a thin black heart on her cheek. Weeks later, the actress shared a smaller heart above her right eyebrow. At the time, she apologized for an infamous Twitter rant from 2013, where she called Drake Ugly before claiming the rapper had a disability. 

However, Amanda became popular at age 13 after her appearance on The Amanda Show on Nickelodeon. She then appeared in the TV Hit titled What I Like About You. The actress equally played viola in the movie She’s The Man, starring co-star Channing Tatum.

Jemma Lucy.

The glamor model is covered head to toe in tattoos, with one of the most sentimental on her face. She has her daughter’s name inked into her cheek close to a design of a swallow. Jemma also has a tiny cross below her eye along with the word ‘love above her eyebrow. 

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The Ex on the Beach star undeniably had one of the most dramatic transformations. She’s now recognized for her bleached blonde hair and face and neck tattoos. Before her ink and hair dye, Jemma was a fresh-faced brunette who was a contestant on Signed by Katie Price.

Oriini Kaipara.

In 2017, Kaipara got inked after finding out she was 100% Maori, the indigenous Polynesian people of mainland New Zealand. And as on Monday, the 37-Year-Old confidently read the news bulletin on the Nation’s Newshub after being asked to fill in. As expected, people were left struck by her moko kauae, a lower chin tattoo traditionally worn by Maori women. The mom-of-four did make HISTORY as the first-ever journalist to present a primetime news bulletin with a face tattoo. 

Mike Tyson. 

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Tyson had revealed his tribal tattoo represented his warrior status and had been inspired by the mentioned above Maori tribe. He got the tattoo towards the end of his fighting career, but then Iron Mike had looked just as intimidating even without the ink. 

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However, he attained a level of infamy when he tattooed the left side of his face in 2003. In 2013, Tyson had joked he was at the doctor’s office getting his famous tattoo removed, but it turned out to be an April Fool’s joke.

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