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People Go Crazy After Jessica Chastain, And Oscar Isaac Shared A ‘Unusual’ Red Carpet Moment


People Go Crazy After Jessica Chastain, And Oscar Isaac Shared A ‘Unusual’ Red Carpet Moment

“I wish I had words for this, but I really do not.”

People can’t get enough of a viral clip of co-stars Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac. The duo set the internet into a frenzy over the weekend after sharing an unexpected s[e]xy moment at the Venice Film Festival. Both Chastain and Isaac had walked the red carpet together to promote their new HBO series, Scenes from A Marriage. 

Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac’s red carpet moment proves that their chemistry is beyond the screen.

Venezia 2020/IPA/

In a slow-motion video, Isaac was seen looking at Chastain and kissing her inner arm.


The duo played a married couple in the miniseries. Stopping for photos on the red carpet, Isaac made the most of the moment. He grabbed Chastain’s arm and planted a kiss on her inner bicep. Reacting, the actress threw back her head in a bit of a smile before posing cheek to cheek. The s[e]xual exchange has since got many people talking, prompting more than just a few to lament. 

The duo pair shared the unexpected s[e]xy exchange at the Venice Film Festival.

REUTERS/ Venezia 2020/IPA/

This intimate has got many people talking and has prompted a rumor of an affair.


It turned out, both Chastain and Isaac are both married to other people. She got married to Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo in 2017, while Isaac tied the knot with Elvira Lind, a filmmaker the same year. However, a slow-motion of the sexually charged exchange was shared on Twitter, sparking comparisons to Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga, who had established an affair rumor while promoting A Star is Born.

Chastain wed Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo (right), in 2017. Likewise, Isaac also got married in 2017 to screenwriter Elvira Lind (left).

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The clip posted to Twitter is captioned: “I wish I had words for this, but I really do not.” And YES, it has garnered over 10million likes and comments. When people realize the duo are both married to other people, a few speculate they are having an affair. Nonetheless, it was proven that Isaac’s wife Lind was at the premiere and watching from the sidelines as he and Chastain put on the show. 

Watch the red carpet moment here:

Chastain and Isaac had studied together at Julliard and co-starred in 2014’s A Most Violent Year.

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On the other hand, a few people pointed out that the chemistry between the two actors isn’t an indicator of an affair. Some cited Gaga and Cooper as an example, claiming their flirty exchanges were merely a ploy to promote the new movie. On the other hand, Chastain and Isaac studied at Julliard and have been close friends since there. 

Here’s how people reacted to the red carpet moment:

The duo co-starred in the 2014 film A Most Violent Year before taking on their newest project titled: “Scenes From A Marriage.” The 5-episode series was adapted from Ingmar Bergman’s 1973 Swedish classic of the same names and highlighted the ups and downs of a troubled relationship. 

Some people suspect an affair between the duo:

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