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People Are Seriously Concerned Over Woman Trying Rihanna’s ‘Eating Trend’


People Are Seriously Concerned Over Woman Trying Rihanna’s ‘Eating Trend’

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Damarys, known as RoatansFinest, has been issued severe warnings over trying a bizarre food hack, initially done by famous singer Rihanna. Equally, some people are seriously concerned about her health, while a few have explained why she shouldn’t have tried it as it is somewhat strange. 

While on vacation in her native Barbados with her partner, A$AP Rocky, it was captured that Rihanna dipped a bit of mango in the sea before ingesting it.


Loads of people have followed in the step of the expecting mom, including Damarys, who filmed herself giving it a shot. She shared it on Twitter and captioned it: “Went to Roatan to dip my mango in the ocean like Rihanna! And it’s so good.!!!” 

Expectedly, the clip attracted attention, and many were worried about bacteria and illness.


One person wrote: “Ewww no, not to mention people spit, piss, fart, sneeze in the water. Then you have certain bacteria floating around. I can’t make this up.” 

Another said: “Tried this on vacation and it was the best digestive cleanse I’ve had in my life. Hospitalized for 3 days and needed an IV but lost 15lbs and released every toxin in my body.” A third pointed out: “A lot of people, justifying her actions with ‘but water would get in your mouth if you went into the ocean’ like yeah but I ain’t purposely doing it am i.”

Well, Rihanna herself has justified her actions as she told VOGUE it’s not an unusual thing to do in Barbados. She insisted: “In Barbados, we take our fruits to the ocean and soak them. Trust me; it really is a thing.” 


However, some people saw no wrong in what Damarys did as one wrote: “Let’s be honest lol you get in the ocean, saltwater goes in your mouth, it’s inevitable unless you glue your mouth shut. I don’t see how adding a piece of fruit (not in the American Ocean) suddenly make y’all worry about bacteria.” 

Another said: “Not s**t, it’s good, saltiness complements sweetness. Also, that water is clear as f***, bacteria or other things shouldn’t be an issue so long as sanitation in nearby buildings is appropriately managed.

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