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Nicole Kidman Appears Makeup-Free With Husband Keith Urban On Sydney’s Beach


Nicole Kidman Appears Makeup-Free With Husband Keith Urban On Sydney’s Beach


At this time of the year in Sydney, the best way to enjoy your time under the scorching temperature would be the beach. That’s exactly what celebrity couple Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban decided to do on their holidays this time.

The couple who were married in 2006 sported a lovely scene on the beach as Nicole was seen holding onto Keith’s hands.

Nicole was wearing a blue and white patterned bodysuit to the beach with her blonde curls let down. Her musician band was topless with his tribal-inspired tattoos clearly visible. The two had a lovely time chatting and cooling down on the beach.

Adorable! The couple has been married since 2006 and is spending some quality time on the shore.

Both Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are 52 years old now.

The temperature in Sydney and the majority of New South Wales have been rising up with severe bushfires continue to decimate acres of land, houses, and towns. The city has been making record-breaking high temperatures at more than 40C this summer.

The couple was seen cooling off with the big waves hitting them.

The two walked back and got ready to go back.

Nicole gave Keith a loving hug on the neck as he picks up the towels to dry themselves. After roughly drying themselves off, Nicole wore a trucker cap with sunglasses and a white shawl over her bodysuit. She had her towel covering her waist as well.

Keith wore a black graphic print hooded jumper and the two carried their sandals as they walked out of the beach.

The family returned to Sydney with their two daughters Sunday and Faith, 11 and eight respectively before Christmas. The two also shared lovely selfies together on the holiday, wishing everyone a happy time.

“From our family to you and yours. Blessings to you all this holiday season,” wrote the couple.

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