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‘My Fiancée Isn’t Talking To Me After I Used ‘Our’ Money To Help My Dog’


‘My Fiancée Isn’t Talking To Me After I Used ‘Our’ Money To Help My Dog’

Schedule play dates, ground rules and importantly, be on the same page with your spouse.

Unsurebigbig, a Reddit user who spent $5,000 for his German Shepherd’s surgery is currently under fire as his fiancée went ballistic.

Although the money used was his savings, it was also part of their wedding budget. The bride-to-be got furious as they would’ve to cut down some budgets for a 10-Year-old dog.

Expectedly, she went fully into the no-talking mood and while trying to figure out what can be done, Unsurebigbig decided to seek advice on the Internet.

Laura Nicola (not the actual image)

Reportedly, about 14% of people agreed in a Survey by the Associated Press and that they would choose their pet over their partner.

Questions in the Survey include: ‘Why would you choose? And ‘How in the world did it get to that point?’

Well, it’s difficult to understand or sense where the problem could be coming from. Could it be that their partners have issues with dogs or could it be the other way around?

Whether the issue is from the canine or human side, Josh Weiss Roessler has, however, offered us a few things to try out.

Set Your Ground Rules:  You and your dog having a daily routine doesn’t imply that your partner is comfortable with it. It’s expected you sit him/her down to discuss limitations, rules, and boundaries in order to be on the same page. If you adopt the take it or leave it, just know that your relationship won’t work or last.

Schedule Play Dates:  Separate the time spent with your spouse and dog. It’s also best you get your dog to know your friends, family and importantly your spouse. While your dog might have become a roommate, it’s best to give your spouse some privacy when he/she is around and passing the night.

However, Here’s How People Reacted To The Story:

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