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Model Stuns With Her Leg Day Routine And Weightlifting Workout


Model Stuns With Her Leg Day Routine And Weightlifting Workout

Six days a week, 25 reps every set, 4-5 sets.

People rave over how good Natasha Aughey’s leg day is. The Canadian model is a fitness maniac and a well-known bodybuilder with over 1.4 million fans on her social media account.

The model became popular when one of her workout videos on YouTube received over 8 million views.


She had a number of fans, particularly men who felt motivated by her pretty intense workout regime. She has also since become a model for Vivobarefoot while continuing to make videos on her YouTube channel. Natasha shares everything from her diet to the sets she does at the gym.

She hits the gym six weeks a day and maintains a clean diet consisting of chicken, rice, and green vegetables instead of sticking to a strict plan.

The Ontario-born woman started her fitness journey in her high school years.

She fell in love with working out and only did cardio. However, the high schooler then noticed that she wasn’t getting the figure she wanted and couldn’t see curves. That’s when she looked for other ways to gain the body she wanted.

That’s when she started exploring weightlifting upon being advised by fellow gymgoers.


After beginning her transformation over 10 years ago, she started entering contests back in 2012 and 2013.

She placed third in the 2015 Evogen Nutrition Competition, Toronto Super Show. Now, she works as a model and regularly updates her YouTube channel.

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