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Mexican Artist Illustrates The Fun Of Living Alone


Mexican Artist Illustrates The Fun Of Living Alone

All the delightful things you can enjoy all on your own.

Is being single something to dread over? Idalia Candelas doesn’t few having your own space all to yourself as something bad at all. There are things you can only appreciate when you’re alone, just like how some things can only be appreciated when you’re living with someone!

The Mexican illustrator draws up some really relatable freedom that those in a relationship are probably yearning for. You set your own rules at home, and you don’t let being on your own make you lonely. Those are two totally different things. You can be alone in your living room and have a total blast playing X-box with your friends. Or video calling with your loved ones!

You can find more of Idalia’s illustrations on Instagram!

Blast your favorite music without worries!

You can snack as much as you want!

Nobody but you can just completely let go once you got home.

Spend some quality ‘me’ time.

The bed is the best place to have your coffee.

And the quietness of the morning is the best company for your breakfast!

Nobody tells you how to dress.

Ah yes, the contortionist skill that only comes out when you’re alone!

You wake up however and whenever you want!

No worries about your privacy!

A relaxed evening in your most comfortable outfit.

Self-reflection and meditation can go on without a hitch.

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