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Meet Ekaterina Lisina, The ‘Longest Legs’ Model In Russia


Meet Ekaterina Lisina, The ‘Longest Legs’ Model In Russia

She’s isn’t shy about using those legs to walk.

Ekaterina Lisina holds the Guinness World Record for having the longest legs among women worldwide. The Russian who stands at 6’9 ” has favored sports and modeling industries. Lisina owes it all to her family genetics, as not a single member is under six feet.

Ekaterina Lisina is crowned as the world’s tallest model. She has two Guinness World Records to her name.

Her left leg measures 52.3inches while the right is even 52inches long. Similarly, Lisina’s brother stands at 6’6”, her father at 6’5”, and her mother at 6’1.” Interestingly, Lisina’s son is already much taller than his peers, and it turned out he hasn’t even reached puberty.

The Russian model from Penza stands at 6 ft 9inches with incredibly long legs.

via the Guinness Book of World Records

Lisina comes from a tall family with her father at 6ft 5inches and her mother at 6ft 1inches.

Born in Penza, Russia, on Oct 15, 1987, Lisina also holds another title attributed to her long-legged genetics. Metro had reported that her 6’9” height officially makes her the world’s tallest model. She also has the biggest female feet in Russia –at size 13. Her father, Viktor, recalled observing his daughter’s long legs as soon as she was born.

The former basketball Olympian has claimed it’s a “dream come true.”

After retiring from basketball, Lisina joined modeling and became the tallest professional model. 

31-Year-Old Lisina has since developed an entire ethos around her body concerning what it has allowed her to accomplish. Although towering above almost everyone isn’t always a plus, according to Inquisitr, it wasn’t the most welcoming trait for shy, insecure teenage boys. But then, Lisina’s height has granted her ample opportunities, which she successfully harnessed into a lucrative identity. 

She has been officially recognized as having the biggest feet of any woman in Russia, size 13.

And her legs measure 52.2 in for the left leg and 52.0in long for the right leg.

When she was 16, Lisina – an Olympic athlete already had 6 foot 6 and played basketball professionally since she was 15. And for her brother Sergei, Lisina representing Russia at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and using her height to start a modeling career has been nothing short of motivating. In 2006, she was part of the silver medal team at the world cup in Germany. 

Bullies and unfortunate encounters had plagued her social life as a tall young girl. 

In 2018, Lisina was also on the Olympic Bronze medal team. Following this, she shifted her gears from sports to fashion. Initially, she wasn’t sure of her beauty but finally embraced it in her mid-20s. Winning the title for the longest legs among women had required her to get measured by two independent professionals – a doctor and a seamstress as per the Guinness guidelines.

And Lisina’s main reason for seeking out the titles is “to be an inspiration to girls who aren’t confident.”

via Instagram/ekaterina_lisina15

“All my life, I had people looking at me in the street. In Russia, they don’t ask for pictures or anything; they just stay silent and stare. It can be funny when you are sitting, and someone comes up to you and doesn’t expect you to be so tall, then I stand up, and I can see the reaction on their faces,” Lisina had told The Sun.

To this day, she struggles to find pants that fit, feminine shoes in her size, and sitting on a standard airplane seat.

She always feels comfortable and secure at home but gets pretty self-conscious in the outside world. 

While bullies and unfortunate encounters had plagued her social life as a tall young girl, Lisina also shared how she struggles with finding pants that fit, feminine shoes of her size, sitting on a standard airplane seat, or squeezing into a car. Through it all, the long-limbed woman has achieved her lifelong dream, including being awarded one of the most prestigious medals in sports. 

As it stands, Lisina is an Olympic medal-winner, Guinness World Record-holding, and professional model.

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