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Khloé Kardashian Shares That She Stops People From Calling Her Daughter ‘Big’


Khloé Kardashian Shares That She Stops People From Calling Her Daughter ‘Big’

“I don’t want her to misinterpret that.”

Khloé Kardashian talks about how she protects True from body image issues that she went through. Among her efforts, she’s been correcting people who call her daughter ‘big’ because she doesn’t want her to misinterpret them.

The 37-year-old shared how her self-care extends to protecting her daughter from the things that plagued her younger years with Health magazine.

She shares that she’s been keeping well through practicing “healthy habits on a daily basis” and has stopped trying out new diets. Instead, she wants to think of it as a lifestyle.

“It’s cliché, but it’s all about mind, body, and soul,” she continued. “If I am not mentally strong, then I physically feel like I can’t do what I want to do.”

Khloé Kardashian continued, “I’ve actually always had a really unhealthy relationship with food.”

“I was an emotional eater,” she revealed. “And then I hated the way I felt after that. I was almost punishing myself for binging or having a bag of chips—it just became so much thought.”

“Remember when Beyoncé did that lemon juice and cayenne pepper thing? I was like, sign me up! That’s why I yo-yoed my entire life—I was always chasing some fad.”

“When it comes to food—I had so many issues. It wasn’t from one person, I guess just from society or how people critiqued my body.”

“So, I don’t play when it comes to True. She’s very tall. People will always say, ‘She’s so big.'”

“And I’ll say, ‘Oh, she’s so tall.’ I try to make them be more descriptive. I know what an adult means when they say that, but I don’t want her to misinterpret that.”

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