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How to Be a Romantic Boyfriend to Your Significant Other


How to Be a Romantic Boyfriend to Your Significant Other

Trying to court someone, but don’t know how to heat things up?

Men and women are fundamentally different, mentally speaking. One likes to focus on the logic and functional side of things, while others like to be entertained by stories that stir up their feelings. Women are fickle creatures who love to be spoiled but hate to be patronized.

How can you be the right boyfriend for them? How can you be a romantic man to your partner who never seems to speak in the same language as you do? Your significant other has probably been hinting hard on what they want, but you didn’t seem to realize it.

Personalized gifts

Nobody hates gifts, especially the ones they don’t expect. Women are like that and mainly because some have high expectations over their boyfriends. Which isn’t wrong to do – that means they love you so much but are too embarrassed to say it out loud. And if they tell you anyway, it wouldn’t be a surprise!

A woman who truly loves you will appreciate your gift, but that is only if you put your heart into it. Gifts are best given when they have your personal touch in them, i.e. a handwritten note, items for inside jokes. etc.

Hugs rather than sex

Credit: Vasyl Potochnyi/Pexels

Women think sex is all that men think about, which isn’t completely wrong, scientifically speaking. Women love soft and light skinship such as holding hands and hugging. It makes them feel secure, loved and cared for, even when they’re the ones who do the laundry and wash the dishes.

That means you have to withhold yourself from time to time, but hey, what can’t you do for love?

Her above friends

When schedule conflicts, couples will usually have to compromise between things. An understanding partner wouldn’t mind if you have to attend to somewhere else since you always have other times to be together.

But once in a while, remind her that you have priorities: her. There are times when you do realize that, “I don’t have to attend this and she is more important because she’s the person I’ll be spending my life with.” Run and tell her that you skipped your hangout session with your friends tonight.

Tell her that you have priorities and she’ll definitely smile.

Plan small surprises


You don’t have to book for a romantic dinner at a Michelin restaurant to create a romantic atmosphere. You can try to cook yourself and invite your date to taste your cooking for the first time. It will probably be a bad idea for your tongue, but it’s going to be a fun night.

Or surprise her by buying her a cute accessory during your date. Simple gestures like this will make them feel loved and cared for.

Wear something from her

Has she ever given you something you can wear or use? Make sure that you use those items when you can and show her that you appreciate it. Doesn’t actually like what she gave? Sit down and have a casual conversation about what you might want to get for your next gift because it’s even worse for a girl to know that they’ve been giving the wrong gifts.

But even if you don’t like and they know that, surprise her by still wearing it anyway next time. Definitely do NOT give out her gifts, although this is common sense, just in case you’re wondering.

Fulfill your promises

The most romantic thing your woman will constantly feel about you is that you never go back on your words. You’re a reliable man whose words they can always rely on heavily. That in itself, is the quality of the kind of perfect man they want and that in itself is romantic.

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