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Heard Loses Her Cool As Depp’s Lawyer Brings Up Her 2009 Arrest For Slapping Her GF


Heard Loses Her Cool As Depp’s Lawyer Brings Up Her 2009 Arrest For Slapping Her GF

She vehemently denied them.

Amber Heard has gone through yet another day of being cross-examined by Johnny Depp’s defense team. Camille Vasquez continued probing and asking Heard about her fling with James France as well as past history of abusing her ex-girlfriend Tasya van Ree.

Vasquez grilled the actress over her past history of abuse allegations, which she denied firmly in court.


She was also asked about James Franco’s involvement with her during the time Depp was out of town.

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While claiming she “didn’t know his schedule,” Heard was seen getting chummy with the man in the elevator on May 22, 2016. Vasquez asked if she knew that Depp was out of town at the time.

She reasoned, “He was my friend and he lived quite literally next door. I’d exhausted my support network and I was happy to welcome as much friendship as I could possibly get.”

When Elaine Bredehoft, Heard’s lawyer, asked about the time at the elevator, Heard said, “After seeing my face, he put his head on my shoulder. He touched the side of my face too.”


She claimed this was because Depp threw a phone and left a bruise on her cheek. So Franco “touched the side of my face and responded to what he saw.”

She’d also been inquired regarding her role as Mera in ‘Aquaman’ after the two were heard arguing in one of the recordings, shading on each other’s career without much context. After Heard said Depp was “a joke,” Depp replied, “I’m the joke in the industry, Amber?”

He taunted her, “Aquaman…”


The actress bit back, ” 21 Whatever. No one cares.” She referred to ’21 Jump Street’ from which Depp rose into popularity.

When Vasques asked if Depp had any hand in helping her get the role, Heard replied, “Excuse me? No, Miss Vasquez I got that role by auditioning.”

She asked back, “You were the jealous one in this relationship?”

“Johnny’s always been very jealous when I worked,” she replied. In addition, she’s not sure “how much” of her role will be in the final cut of ‘Aquaman 2’ and said, “They released me from my contract.”

Over 4.2 million people have also signed to get her removed from the movie.

Vasquez finished her questioning after asking about her past arrest after domestic abuse allegations against ex-girlfriend Tasya van Ree in 2009.


She stated, “Johnny Depp isn’t the only partner of yours that you’ve assaulted.”

Heard firmly denied it and replied, “I’ve never assaulted any partner. I’ve never assaulted Mr. Depp or any other person I was romantically linked to, ever.”

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