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Cardi B Hilariously Loses It Over Meeting Robert Pattinson


Cardi B Hilariously Loses It Over Meeting Robert Pattinson

She was so excited to show her friend!

Cardi B is one of those famous people who are still fans of fellow famous people. And just last month we still remember her exchange with Penn Badgley after watching Netflix’s ‘You’ where he starred in.

Both even swapped profile pictures for a while!

And Cardi B was sent merchandise of the popular series.


A day later, Cardi B posted yet another fangirling video of herself meeting another big star.

In the very short clip, Cardi B was grinning from ear to ear, her hands fixing her hair before calling over her ‘friend.’

Another budding friendship! With Batman actor Robert Pattinson!

She called out, “Come on, look at my friend, guys!”

Her tweet was totally filled with admiration as she wrote, “Look who I met the other day! I felt like a teen!”

People love the innocent way she was excited over meeting Pattinson!


While another hilariously reminded her of her relationship with Penn.


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