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Bride Cancels Wedding, Thinks It’s Okay To Spend $30K That Guests Donated For It


Bride Cancels Wedding, Thinks It’s Okay To Spend $30K That Guests Donated For It

She went past the line and spits on her invitee’s face!

Let me ask you a question!

I’ll be expecting the answer after reading this article.

But who would you tag as the scariest creature – Goldzilla or this Bridezilla.

A bride has clearly crossed the line. She really went to fat that the line can’t even be seen at all.

Just recently, a Reddit User, Joyeuxaniversaire1 posted a screenshot of a Facebook post and garnered over 87likes. The likes are not because people loved her actions, but because she was a perfect example of greediness.

The bride welcomed $30,000 donation from her guests for the event and then canceled it. Sharing the news, the bride requested for more donations.


Averagely, a wedding costs $33,391 in the United States. The figures vary depending on where the couples live. For instance, couples residing in New York spend about $76,944 while couples residing in New Mexico pay at least $17,584.

So, while this bride might not have a 100% her dream wedding, the $30k donated was a significant boost to their budget.

The guests were clearly angered

Of which, the bride responded!

Nevertheless, that didn’t put the fire out

And others couldn’t believe what was happening

So here we go, who is your scariest creature?

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