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Australian Woman Shows Second Between Snaps To Break The Beauty Standard


Australian Woman Shows Second Between Snaps To Break The Beauty Standard

You don’t need to “fix” yourself!

Australian body positivity advocate Bree Lenehan never stops regularly reminding people to love themselves the way they are. The 25-year-old fitness model relentlessly shares realistic selfies of herself seconds in between.

Her selfies show how posing and sucking her stomach for a few seconds for a picture can change her appearance so much.

The Aussie YouTuber shares, “You don’t have to have a certain body to rock your favorite activewear set & embrace your body!”

The guru shares a few pointers for self-love, “You can prioritize your health & still eat your fav burger.”

“You can enjoy a weekend of eating freely with friends without punishing yourself today.”

“You can love working out & still enjoy rest days,” Bree encouraged others.

“You can have bad body image days & still love, respect & appreciate your body.”

“You can have cellulite, fat on your body, stretch marks while still being the fittest & healthiest you’ve ever been.”

“You can have both; it’s not all or nothing.”


Bree shares that she’s always had a bad body image, causing her to aim for the ‘smallest size’ clothing. Because of that, Bree’s period stopped, and she was told she needed to gain weight to reach a healthier level on the scale.

“I got back to a healthier weight, recovered my period, and guess what?” the woman shared. “I gained FAT too, and that’s okay!!!”

“If you want to work on you, go boo, you’ve got this,” Bree sounded her support. “BUT know that having a layer of fat on your body IS healthy & completely normal, okay?”


She now lifts weight four times a week and leads a “balanced lifestyle” with a nutritional diet.

“Why is it that when we picture “healthy” or “fit,” we picture the version on the left, but not the right?”

“Why is cellulite, tummy fat, stretch marks, etc., something we seek to “fix” through food, exercise & lifestyle changes? Why do we set ourselves an expectation to look a certain way & fit a particular beauty standard when our lifestyles, our history, our genetics & our body compositions are all different?”

“The truth is, “healthy” is going to look different on everyone.”


And for many people, being healthy can mean having rolls of fat and cellulite or bumps.

“That’s not something that needs fixing, changing, or hiding! That’s just human.”


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