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Amazon Is Now Selling A Baby Mop Onesie To Clean Your Home


Amazon Is Now Selling A Baby Mop Onesie To Clean Your Home

Let them crawl and clean for you.

Having a kid is such a miracle, that said, it’s not without a few nights’ sleep sacrificed. Babies can really take a lot of time and when will you ever get that floor properly mopped?!

Well, fear no more for you can get these onesies! These onesies for babies come with a built-in mop on the front side, allowing babies to roam the house, learn to crawl, all the while cleaning the floor.

The hilarious onesie is sold on Amazon are all kinds of styles and colors. And a lot of parents are definitely entertained and low-key hoped it’s going to work.

The company is called Baby Mop and their ‘mops’ are microfiber dusters, ranging between $20-$30. It’s definitely a cute gift for baby showers! Nobody knows how effective they are and in fact, it’s going to differ between babies.

Depending on how far your baby walks, that’s how much area your baby can cover. We know that at least your nursery room won’t be a bother anymore.

But even when you realize the dusters aren’t actually picking up that much dust, it helps with the laughter you get from seeing your baby help with your cleaning. Or at least, they try to.

Don’t forget the manual! They included a funny manual on how to wear this properly without getting tempted to turn your baby into a fully-functioning mop or Swiffer.

So, that’s one way to enjoy your life as a Ma!

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