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Adorable Kitty Destroys Owner’s Earphones Then Brings Him A Snake As Replacement


Adorable Kitty Destroys Owner’s Earphones Then Brings Him A Snake As Replacement

Pets are as adorable as they are sometimes destructive. Pet lovers probably know this first hand; keeping woolen clothes and rags and rags around playful puppies and kittens could quickly turn into a plaything for them. Leave them alone for too long and you come back to find your condo turned into a site befitting a postapocalyptic movie scene.

Haryanto Pherwhirra Ramadhani from Indonesia knows this first hand. His mischevious 8-month old kitty bit through his earphones, tearing the cable in half. Naturally, this would have upset anyone. “I was really angry to see my earphones destroyed,” he said.

This means no music, no radio, no nothing. In fits of anger, Haryanto scolded the tiny critter and it quickly ran away sensing that its the owner was in a foul mood.

After about an hour, the little critter came back. But not alone. As if it had known its mistake, the kitty brought along a gift to appease its owner. The kitty had a snake in its teeth.

Surprised by the sight of a reptile brought to him, Haryanto didn’t complain.

“I was so shocked to see it return with a snake,” he said. “snakes are very rare in our area.”

Although he could not replace his torn cable with the snake, the thought of his pet bringing him a peace offering melted his heart.

Haryanto posted the story on Indonesia’s Facebook page for cat lovers and so far his post has amassed over 10k likes. It looks like the kitty is on its way to stardom considering that recently, the internet was in a somber mood over the death of Grumpy Cat.

People were seriously impressed by the kitty’s hunting prowess and it looks like this is just the beginning to another beautiful cat life story.

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