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7 Amazing Budget Tips For Planning A Luxurious Trip to Australia


7 Amazing Budget Tips For Planning A Luxurious Trip to Australia

Great experience in Australia doesn’t have to burn your budget!

Travelling to Australia in the near future? Planning for one but not sure where to get started? Australia is home to the indigenous Aboriginal culture with a huge variety of Savannah species as well as great food. If you don’t plan carefully, you might burn through your budget halfway through your trip and that sucks.

Follow our simple, but effect tips to keep your luxurious and enjoyable trip within your budget.

1. Pack travel essentials

Credits: Ovan/Pexels

First and foremost is to never forget the things that you will absolutely need – underwear, toothbrush, toothpaste, facial tissues, comfortable shoes, etc. It can take a while to figure out the most important things, so you might want to actually write them down.

Remember to also include your daily medications if you have and the ones that cover the most basic ailments while traveling.

Don’t forget that pair of comfortable sandals to bring on the beach. Are you planning to travel for more than a few weeks in a trailer? You might want to bring essentials for quick vehicle repairs you can do yourself.

2. Don’t travel on air

Credit: Binyamin Mellish/Pexels

Traveling on air is the best way to burn through your budget. The best thing about airplanes is that you save your time from getting one city to another. Then, you will have more time to spend on your destination. But here’s why you shouldn’t.

Australia has a lot of beautiful spots to visit by car or trailer. If you can rent and drive a trailer, you will most definitely enjoy your trip even with kids. You might want to research the rules of driving in Australia as well as which route will give you the best view or the fastest ETA.

3. Find affordable restaurants


Australia is filled with good places for good food and you don’t have to spend $20 on a single meal for yourself. Take a look at Google reviews, check out their menus from their site or even better – hit up a friend who’s been to Australia before for food recommendations.

Don’t be afraid to enter alleys for hidden gems. Tripadvisor will also give you enough reviews for restaurants that provide good food at an affordable price. Australia is also a country with a mix of culture, making it one of the best place to find Asian food.

4. Avoid luxurious tourist spots

Australia is one of the best countries to travel to, but it also means that they have a lot of tourist spots that invite people to spend hundreds on attractions, souvenirs or food. Some islands have a great view, but because the place is not habitable, the restaurants are typically expensive.

Tourist spots also typically offer merchandise or souvenirs that are iconic to the island. However, these places will sell those souvenirs at twice or even thrice the price you can find elsewhere. There are many places where you can find souvenirs and it doesn’t have to be necessarily from that spot.

You will also want to learn to negotiate, especially in markets. Asian vendors are also open to negotiating if you are willing to buy in bulks (to be shared with friends from your home country) or is particularly friendly with them.

As an Asian who has negotiated with fellow Asian vendors during my trips to Australia, I can confirm to this.

5. Bring books and a portable coffee maker

You will spend a lot of time on the road and sometimes, you might want to just sit in a cafe and enjoy the ambiance. You will definitely appreciate having books to accompany you or purchase some during your trip to save you some weigh on your journey.

And why a portable coffee maker? Because you won’t always get access to a good cup of coffee. Not in the middle of a Savannah plain or when you want to save up a few dollars by brewing your own coffee.

However, you might regret not tasting some good coffee if you’re in Melbourne. They have the best roasting and brewing technique that will definitely enrich your experience while traveling in Australia.

6. Plan a reasonable route


What does it mean to be reasonable? It means you know your time limitation and that you can’t go everywhere. You have to calculate the cost of traveling, accommodation, food, and possibly additional cost for the trip. A reasonable route means that you have enough time to enjoy every place you visit.

You also don’t plan things down to the exact minutes – unexpected congestion on the street or the train schedule can really ruin the day. Make contingency plans and make sure to check the weather forecast, so you visit the best spots during the best times.

This is also related to the next point, which is planning for the best campsite to book.

7. Book the right campsites

Some campsites are strategically placed while others have excellent facilities. Depending on your priorities, either can be the best choice for you. List up to 3 or 4 campsites around spots where you want to make your stops at together with their selling points and most criticized bad things about them.

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