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4 Myths About Men That You Should Stop Believing In

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4 Myths About Men That You Should Stop Believing In

For decades, stories have been spun about men. What are they, what do they love? Most describe men as sex-obsessed, simple-minded, adrenaline-loving and money-providing Neanderthals. The women on the other hand, talkative, tolerating, husband-seeking and evolved Neanderthals.

Stereotypes are fun and useful; if you are keen on making a career out of comedy. In the real world, stereotypes just blind you from the real truths about the most obvious things.

This article debunks some of the popular myths about men.

1.       Men want a docile, acquiescent lamb of a partner

Myth: Men have a tender ego and would, therefore, feel threatened easily. They need a partner who is incapable of standing by her word or simply say no.

This statement is true, for men who have not worked through their self-confidence and would, therefore, prefer a partner who is a bit of a pushover.

However, mature men, who know what they want will not stand for such a partner. The old misleading paradigm that men want a helpless, codependent, babysit as a partner is an absolute lie.

All self-actualised men have always wanted intelligent, loving, challenging and self-realized women as partners. They want a partner, not someone to babysit.

2.       Men aren’t interested in doing transformational work

Myth: The self-development and relationship industries are geared towards women because men are entirely resistant and/or disinterested in doing deep inner work on themselves.

Some misleading opinions about men are arguing that men aren’t interested in engaging inner growth work.

While it’s noteworthy that psychology has proven that men may have more resistance to being a devout-follower to a spiritual leader than most women, the idea that men aren’t willing to put in the work towards bettering their inner self is false and ridiculous.

The truth is out there, Tibetan monks who go for silent meditation for years, men like Tony Robbins and Jim Rohn have traveled around the world  to do years of work away from their homes and families.

3.       Men are all afraid of settling down

Myth: Men are afraid of commitment, long-term relationships and nothing sends them into a state of panic faster than when their partner wants to have the ‘define the relationship’ talk.

In reality, many men are craving for longterm monogamous relationships just as much as cat-loving, opera craving female protagonists.

In fact, a recent study revealed that women need more alone time in relationships than their male counterparts.

Most men consider themselves not ready for a true relationship until they cross the rough threshold age of 30. Once they’ve made up their minds, most men are more than eager to board the marriage train

4.    Men have a more limited range of emotions

Myth: Men don’t feel much compared to women. A real man will only cry once or twice in his lifetime and is generally an unfeeling, stoic badass whose face seldom abandons the neutral, cowboy-like position.

This old gem summarizes the stereotype ‘Boys don’t cry’.

Having and experiencing emotions in reaction to stimuli is a reality for humans {both men and women}.

Sure, in many cultures around the world, men have some emotional responses repressed as compared to their female counterparts, but that doesn’t mean, men are totally devoid of them.

When it comes to showing tenderness, sadness, and grief, men are shortchanged, as it is argued that they will show off their soft side.. Men are required to repress these emotions to show they are emotionally strong.

In real sense, men are just as much emotional as women. The more men are encouraged to reclaim their full range of emotional response, the fewer suicide rates there will be, or spousal abuse. The society will have more dynamic and fulfilled men.

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