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30 Surprising Things People Found In Second-Hand Books


30 Surprising Things People Found In Second-Hand Books

Can’t explain the excitement and joy!

Who loves reading books and the sensation that you get when flipping through those pages that may have been flipped by people from the 1800s? It’s truly magical how you can never meet them, but these books become living proof that it has visited many generations and periods of history.

And a lot of people who like to hunt for good old books often stumble on things flipped between the pages. Some of them were portraits to renowned people of their times and others contain lovely messages they tried to convey to someone else.

Like a secret story of its own, these things just bring a smile to your face as if they carry their feelings. Green Lemon wants to share those moments when people seem as if they have stumbled upon precious charms in a book.

1. Passing along a nice surprise.


2. Picked up Stephen King’s ‘The Shining’ and it comes with the original sign and even a picture of the author himself!


3. Found a 4 and 5-leaf clover in a nearly 200 years old book. May the luck pass along!


4. A children’s books from 1949 had this slipped in.


5. Bookstore keeps forgotten bookmarks from used books on the wall.


6. Grabbed a “The Book Of Outdoor Gardening” By Smith And Hawken and found a sweet note.


7. This report card from nearly a whole century ago slipped in a book.


8. Imagine a book enthusiast back in the days looking for his glasses slipped between his favorite books.


9. Preserved dead lizard caught between pages.


10. I found this random note. Quest accepted!


11. Someone missed their flight from the 1970s. Oof!


12. Beautiful peacock feather in a 1860s bible.


13. Ten pounds-worth of sugar coupons between pages of a vintage Hemingway.

14. Tucked between the pages of a book are sweet pictures.

15. Got “The Life Of Colonel Paul Revere” from 1909 which has a neat little metal bookmark.

16. Found a beautiful picture inside a copy of “Birds of Alaska”.


17. Found in a book where a house is being torn apart. Old Japanese currency used in Philippines.


18. Found a beautifully sketched lady, trimmed from a magazine from the 19th century.


19. This 109-year-old ticket to a fair being used as a bookmark in an old book.


20. A coin along with a message and a wish to meet again.

21. This drug stash in a book that was donated.


22. I found a small surprise from a library book.


23. Opened a bible from the 1860s and was graced with a ‘tooth powder’ flyer.


24. A dog license from 1919 in “The Oregon Trail”.


25. Relatable message from a Japanese book a friend picked up.


26. A dead bookworm from a late 16th-century book.

27. Found a sealed envelope to The Gladstone Hotel in New York City. It contains a key tied to a string. A start to a mysterious case?

28. A man keeps and collected things found in old books.

29. Someone found these ‘save buttons’ on his books. (These are floppy disks!)

30. A cute handmade bookmark found in “Little Women”.


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