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30 People Who Couldn’t Believe Their Luck In Thrift Stores


30 People Who Couldn’t Believe Their Luck In Thrift Stores

It’s so awesome to be able to see how we can just find the right thing that makes our life feels complete. Put together by BoredPanda are these 30 moments when people just stumble upon things they never knew they needed. And now, they can’t separate from them.

They are very weird, secondhand products in the eye of others like kids. But we’re all different and quirky on our own, which is why what seems like trash for a man may actually be treasure for us.

Who knows, maybe you really should give that thrift store a chance to let you find a magical item that’ll make you feel complete.

1. Woman found a portrait that resembles very much like her 20-year old kitty that passed away 2 months ago.

Linda Trem

2. Man filled up small toys to hand out on Halloween for Fill-A-Cart for $10 sale. Grabbed a fake CC with ‘James Bond’ name to find out it’s a lockpicking set!

Amanda L. Richards

3. Garage sale find with a little spruce.

Amber Jones

4. A one-of-a-kind violin vampire killing kit.

Amanda Anatole

5. 9-year-old girl picked up teddy at the Goodwill in Niles, Michigan because she loves weird things and the teddy would be lonely otherwise.

Katrina Hastings

6. 6-year-old girl bought a canvas portrait of a goat from the flea market with her allowance money which is now hanging in her room.

Angie Carey

7. Man bought this for £2 for son.

Rachael Slater

8. Whoever reads this while singing?

Faith Moultrup

9. 20″ tall handcrafted globe with precious stones and a brass base.

Pete Anthonius Leggio

10. A beautiful mushroom house lamp from the 70s.

‎Boston Corbett

11. Matching dress couple wear in front of Stanley Hotel.

Robyn Maitland Ross

12. This mini piano.

Scott Smith II

13. Paintings found in a thrift store with added dinosaurs.

Lisa Haslbauer

14. A ‘nice’ frame at $0.50 had smudge, turns out…

Jordan Bem

15. A popular children’s book.

Mags Denizkizi

16. A cat-tissue dispenser who’s a little naughty.

Sarah Greene Reed

17. This elephant sweatshirt.

Melissa Nowicki

18. Look at that cheeky flamingo with sexy legs.

Adele Küntz

19. Woman found adorable bouquet from Goodwill for wedding rehearsal.

20. A Kraken stand that holds jars.

Cheyanne Cooper

21. A data entry coordinator for a pest company had quite the eccentric fashion taste.

‎April Piper

22. How to drink beer with class.

Judith van Es

23. Intricate scrimshaw carving found at Asiabarong Gallery, Great Barrington Ma.

Hannah Helena

24. These wild things in a small thrift store.

Shalon Cade

25. Let people see your insides.

Kristle McElroy

26. Handpounded tin dragon that is 7 feet tall which may have been a tent topper.

Jeanette Wild

27. Four-year-old girl absolutely loves her rainbow trout.

Jenea Villaseñor

28. Buyer didn’t notice the pokeballs on the back.

Shannon Rose Van Nek

29. Flats designed and colored like pencils.

Sydney Morris

30. A peculiar art piece that just fits in this plant-filled dining room.

Chels Collins

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