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30 Hilarious Comics By ‘Least I Could Do’ With Dark Twists


30 Hilarious Comics By ‘Least I Could Do’ With Dark Twists

Is this normal? What is normal?

The pandemic has driven a lot of us cuckoo for a long while now. It’s eaten up two years of our life after suddenly jerking our life off from normal life to a masked life. Nobody likes shaving to cover up their face all the time outdoor. It beats the purpose of dressing up and putting on makeup.

‘Least I Could Do’ webcomics are like the embodiment of a human brain without filters. It’s weird, it’s a gag, and sometimes it doesn’t make sense. What even makes sense about being locked indoors for the past two years? What a weird decade.

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“Everyone needs something to aspire to.”

“Grogu backwards is Ugorg.”

“Maybe I’ll find out what BTS stands for!”

“Wait, so there’s poop on his shoe right now?!”

“And a tote bag!”

“Ham and cheese solves all!”

“If I could see or breathe, I would agree.”

“Is it weird that the only thing I find strange about this is the guitar?”

“It’s gonna be chilly. And drafty.”

“The irony is that it’s a coal-fired guitar.”

“There’s a reason our offices are in a walkup.”

“This is a good example of why we need more helicopters.”

“You think Gozer’s alter is up there?”

“I don’t really see a difference, to be honest.”

“Also I got an e-mail asking for my passwords. Is that legit?”

“Mountain Dew? Are you mad at him?” (Binary code reads ‘Redrum,’ spelled backward from ‘murder’).

“Setting up it’s TikTok account next, I’m sure.”

“I see no dealbreakers here.”

“They seem very passionate about the message.”

“They’ll call her the “Tesl-an Don.”

“A different kind of ‘casual encounter.'”

“Kind of a win-win with that name.”

“Ah, that’s where all the spoons went.”

“The only way to fly nowhere!”

“He did grow those veggies…”

“I’d sell my soul for sourdough.”

“With a Triscuit filter!”

“Why did you say that name!?!?”

“They didn’t know what they unleashed at the time.”

“It’s not them, it’s him.”

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