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24 Times Best Friend Prove To Be Better Than Boyfriend


24 Times Best Friend Prove To Be Better Than Boyfriend

Family doesn’t have to be about blood.

There’s no one most people prefer to spend time with than a best friend. Yes, a romantic partner is great, but a best friend seems to be something that can’t be replicated. With a best friend, there’s nothing you can’t do, most especially as they are there through thick and thin while putting up with all of your shenanigans.

That being said, your BF may lack the common sense to detect your wants for an appetizer, but then your girl precisely knows the perfect flavor you need. Or perhaps your girls and You do the things boys find gross yet always happy about.

Below, we’ve collated a few photos that have proved best friends are way better than a boyfriend. If you’ve got a friend ready always having your back, don’t hesitate to celebrate them always. In the meantime, enjoy!

We never report what has happened in our life.

Instagram | @girlwithnojob

She is also the best photographer you could ever get for free.

Instagram | Instagram

Nothing like going to the movie with your BFF, right?

Reddit | in1987agodwasborn

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We know it just won’t work with boyfriends.

Instagram | @samantha_holic

She will never leave, even when you’re both senile.

Instagram | @daddyissues_

She also gifts you a lift in confidence.

Reddit | MoreLike-TurdCrapley

Need help? Say no more, fam.

Instagram | @mz_fancyface

A little hurdle goes a long way.

Facebook | Texts Only

She always stays in character with no hesitation.

Instagram | @thedrunksavage

She is the support group you need.

Instagram | @daddyissues_

She’s the best shield from strangers.

Instagram | Instagram

Breaking up? Time for some revenge.

Instagram | @moore134

They’ve got your back; yes, we meant that literally as well.

Reddit | haileenl

The things boys find gross are the things we’ll always be happy about.

Reddit | shaniyakov

The only person who’s willing to wear matching pink socks with unusual prints.

Reddit | tjmpepp

And what they mean by pranks are some serious stuff you can’t pull out from.

Reddit | sansofsan

‘I hit my BFF in the butt, I [thought] she was going to laugh, but she did not. I am sorry.’

Reddit | DJCatfoodFace

She’ll be there even at your lowest times.

Instagram | @girlwithnojob

She wants you to look your best, even when you don’t want to admit it.

Twitter | @hashbrownnouis

Being together for so long only means you both have the same weird ideas.

Reddit | ZorkfromOrk

The kind of person who’ll compete on finding the best time to meet up.

Reddit | DonnieStarbuck

They also look out for you and leave notes when a big spider passes by.

Reddit | aubdurk7

And her photography skills include providing the correct lighting.

Twitter | @laurlaur888

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