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21 Hilarious Times When Anticipation And Reality Are As Diverse As Land And Sky


21 Hilarious Times When Anticipation And Reality Are As Diverse As Land And Sky

What funny and shattered expectations have you experienced?

Our conjectures sometimes can end up in major stress for us especially when they don’t work hand-in-hand with what we anticipated. It will be okay not to take it too seriously and laugh it off when you have the opportunity.

Enormous stress for the little dog, a plastic ring in place of silver and amethyst one, or a strawberry cheesecake ice cream with no strawberries, these are lots of instances that display that actuality has a salty sense of humor.

Here are some of the internet users who had their expectations shattered, instead of getting angry, they decided to share their deceptions and give us a better reason to put a smile on our faces.

#1 Closely Similar

unknown / reddit  

#2 Not Even A Broccoli Head

oomanyteeth55 / reddit  

#3 What A Genie Face Mask?

amaliepatricia / reddit  

#4 Burritos Transformation

 RadleyGames / reddit  

#5 When Spongebob Is Feeling Down

ginga_gingaa / reddit  

#6 My Wife Ordered This Cactus Cat Scratcher And 2Months After She Receives This Bag Of Rope

SimpleFloyd / reddit  

#7 This Is What We Received When My Husband Ordered For A Mask For Halloween

mermaidgarden / reddit  

#8 Seller And Receiver Pics On Wish

 unknown / reddit  

#9 I Really Tried

noysom-fritz / reddit 

#10 At Least, Some Oreos Are Planned

Hypersheep12 / reddit 

#11 Here’s The Cookie Of Our Nightmare

ApocalypseRj / reddit

#12 The Pancake At My Hotel This Morning

Trev-Nastiest / reddit  

#13 When You Craved The New Taco From The Burger King

aikotheaussie / reddit  

#14 “This Isn’t What I Odered”

0Aranda / reddit  

#15 Be Sure To Confirm The Size When Ordering Some Treats

unknown / reddit  

#16 Expectation Vs. Reality

pputkowski / reddit  

#17 The Non Existed Strawberries

gooberdaisy / reddit  

#18 My Targeted Facebook Ad Purchase Was A Complete Let Down

PolarBeaer / reddit  

# 19 When You Purchase A Cheese Pizza And You Just Get The Bread

spilledrice / reddit  

#20 “ The Real Life Cliffs Versus Photo”

youngpotato307 / reddit  

#21 When Daddy Attempts To Do It

CaptainDadTV / reddit  

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