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21 Hilarious Boyfriend Fails Every Girl Would Grit Her Teeth For


21 Hilarious Boyfriend Fails Every Girl Would Grit Her Teeth For

Does your partner have weird habits?

Drink splash on the wall, beard hair in the sink, potluck dinner made of McDonald’s hamburgers, ice-cream cone left upside down and many more are things boyfriends see as nothing strange.

With many boyfriends acting like the aforementioned for their whole lives, it’s expected any neat/disciplined girl would grit at such actions.

Happy Humanity understands we (humans) all have our personal oddities, but we couldn’t just resist sharing more insight from the lives of some weird beings as concluded by their girlfriends.

In the meantime, let’s have a good laugh out loud!

21. Boyfriend was asked to apply sunblock and took some liberties.


20. “I asked my boyfriend to run me a bath… I was wrong.”

© unknown / imgur  

19. “Asked my boyfriend to tie my dress…”

© iheartmom / reddit  

18. “He was asked to finish cutting up the watermelon.”

© klc88 / reddit  

17. “My boyfriend got into my hair mousse.”

© tacoflavoredkissestacotacoburritoburrito / imgur  

16. He just used the wrong detergent in the dishwasher.

15. “Asked my boyfriend to make a dish for a potluck this weekend…”

© LadyMacDeath / reddit  

14. “The way my boyfriend left his ice cream cone while he went to pee”

© BestioleRaccoon / reddit  

13. “Wanted to bake a pumpkin roll from scratch and asked my boyfriend to buy the ingredients.”

© Lapinlady / reddit  

12. Seems like the perfect place for your plate after dinner is over.

11. “Got my boyfriend a label maker… I’m starting to regret it!”

© reddit  

10. “The way my boyfriend has been burning this candle”

© twograycatz / reddit  

9. “When bae put his stuff away by himself.”

8. “How my boyfriend let me know that he shaved his beard…”

© londonlikethename / reddit  

7. “Asked my boyfriend to cross a date off my calendar and this is what he did.”

© unknown / imgur  

6. “Holiday with new boyfriend — he opens bread like this…”

© PrinceWilliamsnutsack / reddit  

5. “I asked my husband to hang up the bananas.”

4. “Left the boyfriend in charge of cooking rice tonight.”

© ToriAnne22 / imgur  

3. “I sent my boyfriend to get some essentials from the store before Easter weekend. He came home with this.”

© unknown / imgur  

2. “I asked my husband to put away the leftovers.”

© Asher64 / imgur  

1. “I asked my boyfriend to cut me a slice of melon.”

© arual1992 / imgur  

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