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20 Times People Caught Napping In Hilariously Awkward Positions


20 Times People Caught Napping In Hilariously Awkward Positions


After seeing these images, Green Lemon can confirm that there are three types of people in this world: those who sleep in a normal, definable position, those who normally sleep until pets invade, and those who sleep in any shape, showing contortionist ability they won’t have when awake.

It’s truly incredible to see how some people have the ability to sleep anytime they want. Meanwhile, here we are, the toss-and-turn people who have to suffer through minutes and sometimes hours of agonizing over why the world is round, why we are alive, and what is the purpose of life before we get to sleep.

However, people who manage to sleep anytime can sometimes suffer, becoming the joke of the week, month, and occasionally, year. But, hey, at least you were sleeping when that happens!

1. Man who sleeps with his mouth agape gets a surprise office picture feature!


2. A boy with a cow napping at the Goshen Fair.


3. Favorite sleeping position!


4. When your sister sleeps and transforms into a guy for a sec there.


5. How rich elderly enjoy their nape in Venice, Italy.


6. And then, this family picture.

7. Man set up a camera to see how he ended up that way.

8. When your friends turn the sleeping you into a challenge.


9. Girl thinks her aunty needs that eye sticker while she sleeps.


10. Guess that book must have been really good.


11. Meanwhile, this person used his guitar bag like a sleeping bag. Smart!


12. People sleeping with their pets be like:


13. Truly determined flight attendants, sleeping without wasting time to stretch.


14. He saw too much Family guy. Probably.


15. Walked in to find wife sleeping like she’s not a human.


16. This grandma sleeping in a style. Not forgetting to tell everyone not to worry through that book.


17. The smart way to sleep at work.


18. Traveling with family also means you don’t sleep during most vulnerable times like this.

19. How this girl decided to take a nap at the uni.


20. Husband hates the sunlight in the morning, so he uses this.


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