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20 Surprising Finds That Most Of The People Don’t Know Their Real Purpose Of


20 Surprising Finds That Most Of The People Don’t Know Their Real Purpose Of

So people actually use these things.

Nobody knows everything, so it’s always good to ask before you jump into conclusions. What seems like a stupid and redundant thing to do may prove to be super useful and helps people get one thing off their minds. These objects look so weird and sometimes, indecent! But watch out for the explanations and you’ll see how they all fall into one place.

Green Lemon has compiled the weirdest things ever encountered by people and cannot be answered by anything, but the Internet.

1. Clocks in the assisted facility have colors on different hours to indicate how sleeping patients should be rolled to prevent bedsores.

© SuperFlyStuka / Reddit

2. This is pachinko, a Japanese old gambling slot machine.

© DudleyStokes / Reddit

3. These round metal things are installed along the walls to prevent skateboarders from grinding them.

© JjzMerheb / Reddit

4. This random structure in the middle of a forest is actually a one-man bomb shelter from WWII.

© me_using_reddit / Reddit

5. This is a violin case.

© flyin_dragon / Reddit

6. These structures have no walls as they are nesting barns for swallows.

© GoodShark / Reddit

7. This is a clip-on shoe light for night runners to prevent them from getting run over.


8. These are wads from shotgun shells that separate the powder and projectiles. They were found in the woods.

© WisconsinBadger414 / Reddit

9. Found in the bottom of an old chest. It appears to be an antique sock-knitting tool made of brass and copper.

© SueRenni / Reddit

10. Squid eggs that got washed up on Olympia Peninsula.

© Fishtails / Reddit

11. This chain is called a ‘rain chair’, alternative downspout for the gutter system.

© FilthySef / Reddit

12. This tool cracks sugar canes when they used to come in large sizes.

© TYLEN0Ljones / Reddit

13. This locked socket on Ford Ranger 1998, ATT and similar fleets keep the key to the truck. Employees have them keyed alike usually.

© TheHonkingGoose / Reddit

14. This unusual urinal is actually for vomiting, called a Papst. Found in a bathroom in Cologne, Germany.

© jingjangjones / Reddit

15. This is not a kettle, but a urinal for bedridden men.

© home_cheese / Reddit

16. This fancy and unique tubular metal case is a needle case.

© Reeeeeeeeses / Reddit

17. Why do milk cartons have holes? These holes will pop when extra pressure is applied which prevents the cartons from exploding or leaking.

© Daniel_Min / Reddit

18. Dogs have what is called their own key to their own dog doors. It opens the door when the dog walks close by and closes when it’s far.

© buzzisnotaflyingtoy / Reddit

19. Nothing indecent. Just a Yakstrax, worn over the shoes to give it more grips on ice.

© Merciman / Reddit

20. These brushes aren’t actually for your shoes, but to prevent things from slipping between the side gaps, i.e: long skirts.

© kristhecadet / Reddit

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